#EyesofaLion Melbourne FL

Twenty three months ago we were in Melbourne, Florida with the o2 experience, and it was such a joy to get to bring the message of hope found in Jesus again to this city at Calvary Melbourne!

What a fantastic finale to this special tour!  I am really so in awe of the opportunity to be a part of this.  God is moving so beautifully in so many lives, and we as a family, as a team, as a church get to be a part of it!

And goodness gracious.  What a dream, what a team – home and away – what a life!

Some sweet shots from this night:

IMG_8932 IMG_6729 IMG_6864 IMG_6769IMG_6814 IMG_6886 IMG_6989 IMG_6903IMG_6966IMG_7071 IMG_7080 IMG_8918 IMG_7135IMG_7192IMG_7130 IMG_6641 IMG_6638 IMG_6602IMG_8838