the little brown table


The other day I tripped over this thing for probably the two-hundredth time (possibly more) while putting dishes away, and I was thinking how glad I’ll be when it’s finally gone and not in the middle of the kitchen! I stopped myself in my own selfish, whiny tracks and remembered: no, I’ll actually be really sad when it’s time for this tiny piece of furniture to be thrown out.

It’s just a little brown table.

The paint is wearing away, it’s missing a chair, usually has something sticky on it, and it’s all around a very unimpressive little thing.

And what I realized at that moment was how special this table really was. Β Not because of the table itself, but because of how special the little girls are who have sat down around it, and who currently are.


You see, this table has been the place where daily breakfasts and lunches happen, tea parties take place, creative art and painting times occur, and so on. It’s been a table where sweet little conversations arise, and where little girls have learned to sit like big girls.

I treasure this table even more because of the memories with Lenya. I remember about a week before Lenya went to heaven, Lenya and Daisy were sitting opposite each other at this table, and they were fighting, pushing it against each other. I told them to stop pushing it and to tell each other one thing they loved about the other. Lenya immediately said, “I love Daisy’s hair!” and then Daisy said back, “well, I love her hair!” And it’s funny how even to this day, when we ask Daisy something she loves about Lenya, she says her hair.

I’ve been learning how I need to embrace the little brown table in my life. And the constantly overflowing laundry room. And the dining room table full of little “homes” for Littlest Pet Shop toys. Β Some of these things in our lives are extremely inconvenient, and most times we’ll trip over it, but what if we came to a place where we embraced it, and enjoyed the phase, enjoyed the process, enjoyed the mess.

It’s something I’m always learning, and hope to continue to grow in:

Enjoy the ordinary.

Enjoy the little, seemingly insignificant, moments.

Enjoy your little ones.

Enjoy the process.



Β “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven…He has made everything beautiful in it’s time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.” Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11

  • Carrie Fennessy

    I love this post. It reminds me of what Craig Groeschel said about the dead spot of grass created by his kids playing soccer on his otherwise beautiful lawn. He said, “Embrace the dead spot.” My husband and I have been saying that a lot to each other since hearing it when things get frustrating with our four, young boys. Thanks for the good words!

    • jennie lusko

      I loved that story in Pastor Craig’s message! That has been ringing in my heart too. Thank you for sharing, Carrie, so much love to you!

  • Nancy Galligan

    Really touched my heart. thank you for your heart for God, and how you press on … ’embracing’ the moment, by His grace.

    • jennie lusko

      thank you Nancy, it’s so truly by His grace πŸ™‚

  • JoAnn Mesquit

    You know Jennie, I’ve always had that motto of “it doesn’t last forever!” Like while in labor I told myself over and over,it won’t last forever.” The times when you’re so tired from working all night then come home to a sick child that needs you to comfort them instead of sleeping…”it won’t last forever” I’d tell myself. Those times when the kids are at each other when they’re young and learning about one another, and I tell myself…”it won’t last forever.” I’ve made it through all those inconvenient times knowing in my heart that my babies would be grown, have lives of their own and there won’t be anymore little messes, no fighting for toys, of only have two loads of clothes every other day instead of five or six.
    It’s been a wonderful journey and I wouldn’t change any of it!
    Love you, your family and your blog!

    • jennie lusko

      thank you so much for sharing JoAnn, that’s so good – “it won’t last forever!” so much love to you!

  • Shaena Crespo

    This made my heart smile! We have a little tan table and the two precious gems that sit at it have tripped me up more than once. Thanks for the encouragement to stop and see the joy and treasure in each season! Praying for you Jennie. You are really inspiring. Xoxo

    • jennie lusko

      thank you Shaena, i think of you and your sweet and spirited little Elly all the time and smile πŸ˜‰ #ellysworld makes me laugh πŸ™‚ love you so much!

  • Debbie West

    Thank you for posting this it brings a whole new prespective. It also touched my heart. Great words to live by. What great memories. Loved it! : )

    • jennie lusko

      thank you Debbie πŸ™‚ i’m just so thankful that God is so long-suffering and patient with me to keep teaching me these things over and over. so much love to you!

  • Katrina Cuoco (Katrinms)

    Dear Jennie,

    I so love your perspective! I understand that your pain with the loss of Lenya is very personal. What you choose to share is appreciated, because it gleams to me that God cares about our paper cuts and our amputations-and sometimes the amputations give us great perspective on the paper cuts.

    God is truly using your family, as you choose to press on through the heartbreak. What you share, your transparency, your grace and love shine through so brightly! You all are making Jesus famous, and helping to minister to both the unbeliever and the believer. Your church is breaking down stereotypes attached to Christianity. Thank you for everything that you and Levi do, it means a lot.

    • jennie lusko

      thank you Katrina for your kind and encouraging words. God is so good. We are so weak and HE is so strong for us. Thank you for you love, so much love right back to you! πŸ™‚

  • Ashley Martin

    Thank you for this post, Jennie. Such a beautiful reminder. There are days when my unorganized, toy-strewn house drives me crazy. But this message is something God has really impressed on my heart over the last year. I’ve learned to let my house be lived in (as long as the dishes are done). πŸ™‚ There was a time when I really wanted to have a beautiful, new kitchen table. But now, when I look at our scratched up, marker stained, fingerpaint-flecked table, I find I’d much rather keep it around for a long, long time.

    • jennie lusko

      that’s so good Ashley! I love that, and I’m so with you, dishes are important for me too, it’s a happy place for me when dishes are done, even if the rest of the house is wild a crazy πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  • Linda Quinn

    So true, your post! A family table.. be it small or large is a place where memories are made and held in our hearts. I am a mother of 3 now grown children and have raised them around my childhood family dining table that my mother passed on to me when she went to heaven.. Prayers, laughter, family, love and even arguments took place at that table,….I cant imagine not passing it on to my daughter one day for the memories to continue….! I have watched your beautiful family and your gifted husband from afar the last year… I attended Freshlife for a few months last summer (was sad to leave) and have been watching online ever since from Carlsbad, CA! I just wanted to let you know how many people here in California your Husband and your beautiful Lenya have influenced to open their hearts to Jesus! We need some little fresh life invites cards here to pass out .. as Im amazed how just letting someone know that they should tune in on Sundays has been a blessing to so many here.. Thank you Lusko family for your strength, your example and your Microphone being on full blast!! Linda

  • Chelsea O’Shea

    What a beautiful reminder, Jennie. I think we, as women, can easily become wrapped up in the idealistic notion that the house needs to be perfect, toys all need to be in their homes, and it should smell like homemade apple pie (thanks bath and body works… They take the pressure off that one!). It’s easy to get wrapped up in this idea and become frustrated when things aren’t just so… Or when you step on that blasted rogue Lego…. Again. But they won’t be in the home forever. And what I will miss is the tickleing and laughter… Playdoh and pretending to eat their creations… I know I won’t be stewing over said rogue Lego. And that is a lesson that I will embrace wholeheartedly. Thank you for reminding us to “embrace the dead spot”. Blessings to you and yours.