When I think of being possessive I think of a selfish person who can’t let things go and has to have control or else she can’t handle it.

But I just read Proverbs 14 verse 1 in a new light:

“The wise woman builds her home, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands.”

I’ve read this over and over and over, and the word “her” never stood out to me so strongly as it did today. “Her home.” That’s a possessive pronoun and that means that this home is hers. There’s a sense of ownership, responsibility, and care.

It brought me to the amazing Proverbs 31 woman, where I found the word “her” over 28 times. Her hands, her household, her husband, her clothing, her children, etc…

And this was eye opening to me as I believe God was teaching me ownership and a self-less, possessive attitude of the things God has placed in my care.
Going back to the proverb, in my life it’s easy to be nonchalant, relaxed, and almost indifferent about my home.  Of course there’s the actual building which makes up the house itself, but there’s also the people within it who make it a real home. I tend to be on the lazy side of life, and as I read and learned more about the possessive quality of what “her” means, I was really challenged in my attitude toward what God has put in my care. I want to be intentional and passionate about my home and those in it. To take my responsibility even more seriously and carefully.

“Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her: “Many daughters have done well, But you excel them all.” Proverbs 31:28, 29

  • Alaina Guido

    This is SO good! I’m so happy for this blog! You overflow with wisdom, perspective and inspiration. Love you so much!!

  • Alexandria Torgerson

    There is a beauty and wealth of wisdom in you loved one…and I can’t wait to read about it..:) love you!

  • Michelle Hernandez Nieves

    I agree you are such a blessing to many, you are more precious than rubies. Not just a pastors wife. Thank you so much, love you

  • Christina Kruse


    I absolutely love what you have said here. It truly inspires me to to more in my household as well. It can be so easy to let time slip away from our finger tips, especially with our children. My daughter is only 2 1/2 and I am not sure where time has gone. Reading this makes me want to step up to the plate and take even more responsibility for my own actions as a wife and mother. Thank you!

  • Nichol Naranjo

    This is one of my favorite verses, Jennie. It always somehow surprises me when I realize the power that we women have in our homes. The fact that we can build or we can tear is so inspiring and frightening to me. Our words, actions, even body language can build or break. I too tend to be on the lazy side of life, so this verse and Proverbs 31:27 challenge me daily. Thank you for starting this blog. I am so blessed by it and your heart already!

  • Mieke Raamstijn Berghorst

    I followed you and your husband via IG since just before christmas and I’m really happy you started this blog! I love what you wrote; sharing your (His) wisdom and your honesty.
    Keep sharing! Xx Mieke

  • Suitsx5

    I couldn’t agree more. November 2012, while taking a team to serve in Colombia, The Lord kindly reminded me that my first ministry is first my husband and then our three little boys (whom I’m raising to be men). My husband and I serve as leaders in our church college ministry and it’s so easy to put the needs of the ministry first. Oh how my heart desires to be like the Proverbs 31 woman.