this weekend in missoula

What a powerful weekend in Missoula! I love Skull Church at the Wilma – great venue where Marilyn Manson, Weird Al, Skrillex, Jane’s Addiction are a few of the artists that have played there. It’s so huge to get to bring the Gospel to such a place where people might feel a little more comfortable coming.

The Skull Church band opened up each night with so much energy and excitement. They really set the tone for the night and they do such a great job at it!


My husband preached two different messages over the weekend, and really brought the truth of the gospel with such power and passion. The first night he preached the story of the prodigal son and I LOVED the point he made that a reason why the father ran to his son who was afar off, was to shield his son’s shame. What a powerful picture of God’s love for us. He wants to save us, redeem us, and shield us from shame that so often comes with our past.

The second night my husband preached the cross. The simple gospel of what happened on skull hill, where Jesus gave His life for the sins of the whole world: SO powerful! Each night, getting to see people walk down the aisles and surrender their lives to Christ. There’s nothing like it!! The first night I recognized some kids who came forward who my girls and I had seen at the carousel next door to the Wilma that day. Lives changed!!


The Afters and John Mark McMillan brought such spectacular shows both nights. They’re such ministry-minded, Gospel-centered bands, and it’s such a joy to partner with such talented, high-caliber people!



Speaking of high quality people, our team is just absolutely incredible. Serving God with all their hearts and souls, with blood, sweat, and tears. We love you all!!

The world is being impacted by the vision God has given my husband, and I’m in awe that we get to have a part in this adventure.  We saw almost 8 times as many people watching online than those there in the Wilma and among many countries across the world, more than one hundred people were watching from Manila which is so awesome. God is working salvation in the earth, and the fact that He wants to use us in this work floors me. Praise God for the things He has done, and now, up next: Helena, Montana

Can’t wait!




  • Nichol Naranjo

    WOW, Jennie! This is SO awesome! It’s amazing to hear how many people are being reached because of all of your faithfulness. To God be the glory! P.S. – LOVE that photo of you & Levi praying!