this weekend in helena


Skull Church Helena! What an incredible weekend!

“We need hope to live with and hope to die with, and Jesus gives us just that.”


Our exceptionally stellar team, worked day and night, forfeiting the right to sleep in order to passionately set up, and run through and operate, and tear down, and I would just like to say: GREAT JOB skeleton crew! Every single one of you worked so hard, and seeing the aisles overflow with people deciding to follow Jesus is what it’s ALL about!  We love you all!



Because proceeds are still being used from when Lenya went to Heaven to make this year’s Skull Church Events happen, we showed her video again, and I will honestly say that as happy as it is to see her sweetness at Skull Church, it is so hard seeing her on the screen, but not doing it together with her. But…soon and very soon!

Both nights were spectacular! Our house band opened up each night excellently, and Family Force 5 and Britt Nicole were fabulous additions to the weekend. My husband preached his heart out each night as he focused on Jesus and the gospel, as he told our story, and as he preached the message of how Jesus is our hope, our anchor.



(Britt Nicole, by the way, is such a sweet heart, and really exudes Jesus’ love. She and her band were a perfect ending to Skull Church 2013)

“We were made for a place, we were made for a Person. That place is Heaven, and that Person is Jesus.”

We got to see such fruit from our prayers for this weekend, as people streamed down the aisles and filled up the front of the stage. Young and old alike coming forward, making the biggest and best decision of their lives: to follow Jesus!





There’s nothing quite like this. Praying and preparing for months, seeing our team rock their microphones so intensely, experiencing the music and my husband’s message, and then seeing it all culminate to the most important point of people responding to God’s love and surrendering their lives to Him.

Until next time…

April 2014








  • Jen Arterbury

    Love your heart. Love Skull church. Love this body of believers. Love serving Him with you guys. Wish we could had come. But we were with you in prayer the whole weekend.

    • jennie lusko

      love you Jen!