1. “the point of no return”



    The first week in this series was comforting, and this message was just plain convicting and I’m SO thankful for it!  Listen now if you missed it.

    “Your feelings are real, but they’re not the boss of you.”

    This subject of taming our tantrums and bad moods is something that I have really struggled with my whole life.  I have never really learned how to handle them or practice self-control as a young person, and so when Levi and I got married, this was the biggest issue that I felt like it has taken such a long time to even gain any traction in this.

    As God has grown me in this area, he has used my husband to be a consistent and steady source of encouragement and guidance.  When I’m tempted to slip into a tantrum, Levi tenderly asks me if this is how I want my day to go, and it reminds me that I have the choice to OVERRIDE the tantrum and choose to let the peace of God rule in my heart.

    “Your self-control is like protection for your soul.”

    I’m so thankful for these truths my husband preached with such humility and transparency.  And I’m so thankful for this series and how it’s launching us all into this year, challenging us in such deep, intense, and practical ways.

    I love how my husband equipped us with the 6 gages or the 6 pack to help us navigate and tame the tantrum.

    DSC_0166DSC_0298 DSC_0025DSC_0053DSC_0094 IMG_8629 DSC_0040

  2. “terror by night”





    “Tell God what you’re afraid of, and wake your friends up.”

    If you have ever been afraid, this message if for you. So you should probably go listen now, and then come back and look at these shots from the launch of this incredible series.  But seriously, go listen, don’t just take my word for it… #ReadingRainbow



    “Feed your faith, not your fear.”


    DSC_0633 IMG_8366 DSC_1089 IMG_8186 IMG_8206 DSC_0685 IMG_8251 IMG_8338 IMG_8403


    “stay soaked in praise, and steeped in Scripture.”

  3. once upon a fresh life christmas 2015

    Photo Dec 20IMG_8007

    “Christmas is not a holiday, it’s a life-saving rescue mission.”

    It was a beautiful Christmas week all across the state of Montana and beyond.  I’m overwhelmed with this opportunity, with our incredible team, and with our great God who alone does WONDERFUL things!

    Be sure to catch the message my husband preached called “the Trouble with Christmas” and here are some shots from the week:

    SB-7294SB-7328 SB-7313  SB-7400IMG_1091IMG_7871IMG_1225SB-7546 SB-7516  SB-7444  SB-7743 SB-7607IMG_1476IMG_8946



  4. “carry the one (so that others may live)”


    The finale of our multiply series was phenomenal.  You just need to listen to it right now, and then come back and read more and see pictures from the weekend.

    “Are you easily put out, or will you push through? Don’t let the problem keep you from the product.”

    I love this series, and I love what this series brought out of our hearts toward Heaven.  Investing in the Kingdom – there’s nothing like it.


  5. “get with the times”



    “When we get with the times, it sets the table for God to move, and to bring bread to the hungry.”

    This series is beautiful, and this weekend’s message was powerful.  These truths my husband preached this weekend will change our lives in incredible ways as we are faithful with what God has put in our hands.

    “God wants to grow what you’ve been given.”

    For me, one of the biggest things I was learning and reminded of was that I just want to be found faithful with the things God has put in my hands.  All that God has called me to, I want to put my heart into it, and do the best with what He gives me.

    And I love how tithing launches us into all this.  It’s the times tables of giving, the training wheels, and once we get this rhythm, it will change our lives and how we view our lives, our finances, our everything!

    “God doesn’t want to take something from you, He wants to produce something with you.”

    And goodness gracious, that visual though! Of Livie lifting Dan Hughes!  That will always be seared in my mind of what we can’t do on our own, but of the power there is when we are pulling together.

    “His expectation is our multiplication.”

    I’m so thankful for my husband preaching the word with such boldness and conviction, and for this House.  I’m thankful that we aren’t going to settle, but we’re going to keep risking and keep launching until Jesus comes back or we die.

    “The riskiest thing we could do is to stop taking spiritual risks. The most dangerous thing we could do is to play it safe.”

    IMG_5147IMG_5013 IMG_5245 IMG_5413 IMG_5439 IMG_5461 IMG_5482 IMG_5488 IMG_5493  IMG_4955