1. “tis the season”

    Honey I Shrunk the Church

    In this series, we are getting big by thinking small.  We’re learning from some creatures found in Proverbs 30 who are small in size, but are exceedingly wise, and my husband is taking this time to preach some incredible truths that will truly help the health and growth of our church.

    Here are a few things we learned from the ants this weekend:

    Ants lean into their season:

    Understand your season.

    Diagnose your season.

    Prepare for coming season.

    Celebrate your season.

    Beautiful lessons to learn and to hold onto as we charge into this epic series.


  2. Fresh Life Easter



    What a powerful weekend all across our church!  Beautiful worship experiences, people’s lives changed, deep growth in our hearts!

    The final message in our series ending on Easter was really special.  I loved learning how the Jews would add on this doxology to every prayer:

    “For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever amen!”

    And our teams rocked it, as usual.

    I love this House.

    And next up, our brand new series, “Honey I Shrunk the Church”

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  3. “frenemies” #BelowAsInAbove

    “forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”

    This series is changing me.  Praying the Lord’s Prayer slowly three times every day, going deeper in to what it means, it’s really helping me practice the presence of God is a practical, precious way, and I love it!

    “When a forgiving spirit is in you, enemies lose their power over you.”

    This weekend’s message was all about forgiveness. The forgiveness we give and how it has a lot to do with the forgiveness with receive. It’s just powerful and needed and beautiful.  Listen here right now.

    “The forgiveness you withhold limits the cleansing you can receive.”

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  4. “raking in the dough” #BelowAsInAbove


    This series! And what a beautiful weekend in this House!  I’m thankful for these incredible truths God was speaking to our hearts through my husband and I’m just constantly amazed by our spectacular team, serving God with their whole hearts!  What a joy!

    And happy third birthday to Fresh Life Missoula!  I believe God has beautiful things in store for us this year!

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