1. expect delays

    Experiencing delay is inevitable in a mother’s life.  As a new mom, it’s the diaper explosion as you’re running out the door.  It’s the mother of the teenager in the car waiting while their daughter is trying on her third outfit that isn’t working…the struggle is real for us all though.  It’s the tantrum that prevents us from even getting close to exiting the building, and that’s just us, not counting our toddler’s tantrum yet! Getting on time anywhere is a mother’s dream (at least it’s mine).


    I am a timely person….in my heart.  I plan to be prompt, but it’s really rare that I actually arrive to the desired destination on time.  I really hate this about myself because I am fully aware of how it adversely affects others.  They end up waiting on me and their schedule is ultimately offset because of me.  I don’t want them to think that I don’t care about them or their time.  But sadly, the reality is that I’m not being considerate of their time. If I truly was, I would always plan for margin and buffer in scheduling my on-time arrival.

    I recently passed by a road sign that stated, “expect delays.”  And it warned the reader to expect these delays during a certain time period. I see these kinds of signs all the time, but this time it impacted me.

    Expect delays.

    These signs are meant to prepare us that there will be slower movement during designated days.  They help us to be mindful that as we go into a certain day or week or month, we will need to plan a little extra margin – an added hour or so to our travel plans.  We will need to leave the house a little earlier, and be prepared for the traffic we’ll sit in.  Plan to be delayed.

    How often in life do we not give ourselves some margin?  Not only in our day, not only in our travel plans, but in our relationships, in our marriage, in our parenting?


    We all know that life tends to generally not go as expected.  We have to prepare for delays.  Plan for disappointment.  Plan for when we’re offended.  Plan for our apology.  Plan for the hard days.  My husband calls this very thing “training for the trial we are not yet in” and it’s such a wise concept.

    As mothers, we’ve got to plan this even more.  We will always need some buffer, some cushion in our spirit.  On the day when our little one spills milk in the kitchen and it spreads underneath the oven where it’s impossible to reach, and now the whole morning is spent moving the oven, only to find there’s not only milk, but dust bunnies that would scare a zombie, and on top of that, you have an ant problem.  Now your “chill morning” has turned into crying over spilled milk times one hundred.


    We can’t plan for everything, but we can certainly plan for buffer in our spirit.  We can fly off the handle and yell and let these delays get to us, or we can use it as an opportunity to take a few deep fifteen second breaths, pray “God give me Your grace. Lord Jesus, help me” and grab the rag, and clean up that milk.

    “We can’t plan for everything, but we can certainly plan for buffer in our spirit.”

    Looking back on my life, there have sadly been too many times when I have allowed the little interruptions to get my goat.  I want to be the wife, the mother, the woman who doesn’t let little road delays of life get me flustered and angry. I want to be prepared, and I want to expect the delays and be ready for them.


    We need to expect delays.  We need to grab what we need for the day, because it will be harder to run back home to get what we need.  Grab the snacks, extra clothes, water bottles, plastic bags for car sickness.  On the spiritual level, we’ve gotta grab from our Savior what we need for the day.  Before the day happens we must wake up, asking for the Holy Spirit to fill us.  We must  allow God to speak to us through His word.  Sometimes as moms, we get a verse and then the babies start crying.  We read one word and a child comes in saying she wet the bed…and her stuffed animals.

    “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25

    The godly woman, the godly mother foresees the delay and is so prepared that she can laugh and say “I’m ready for the delay to come.  No big deal!  The One who is my strength and my shield will prepare me and protect me and give me everything I need to face it.”

    We may not have perfect on-time attendance scores, but even in the mess of life, we can be strong and courageous and laugh without fear, ready for whatever the day may hold.

    Rise up beautiful woman.  Expect the delays, and embrace them.


  2. “the word is out”




    I love the book of 1 Thessalonians, and I love that my husband is teaching through this book in this series, Our Glory and Joy.

    This weekend my husband preached a message that recharged us and challenged us in how we are leaving our mark in the lives around us.  Learning from the Church in Thessalonica was so powerful and I’m so excited for this series!

    My husband also gave us homework to read Acts 16 and 17, and he also recommended a great book that I just started and it’s incredible!  Switch by Chip and Dan Heath.  When my husband suggests a book, I would definitely take note of it and read it.  He’s such an incredible reader (which is one of the reasons why he’s such a great leader!) so you know it’s really good when he mentions it!

    We learned four powerful connections:

    + Correction & Affirmation – who in your life can you speak life into this week?

    “Wise leaders always praise what they want to see repeated.”

    + Communication & Demonstration – follow your leader as they follow Christ

    “live out your faith and give others an example to follow.”

    + Tribulation & Jubilation

    “Take the joy with the trouble and the trouble with the joy.”

    + Reception & Transmission – the Thessalonians didn’t just take in, they gave out

    “See fire and send fire.”

    And what a party it was this weekend!  And students! Be sure to sign up for MVMNT Camp!

    DSC_6722 js_billings-8501 js_billings-8426 IMG_0470 js_billings-8635 DSC_6669 js_billings-8660 js_billings-8336 IMG_0500 js_billings-8699 js_billings-8365 _DSC2786 DSC_6675IMG_0458 js_billings-8430 js_billings-8419 js_billings-8372 js_billings-8707

  3. “slipping through the cracks”

    Honey I Shrunk the Church

    I’ve loved this series with all my heart.  What vital messages for the heartbeat of our church.  Of who we are, what we do, why we do it…beautiful!

    This message on the spider tho.  Powerful!

    “Potential gets unleashed when you leverage your platform.”

    We learned what it looks like to use the platform – the microphone – God has given us.  There is so much to learn from the spider!

    ~ Opportunity: “where can you spin a web that others can’t?”

    ~ Quality: be wicked awesome. let your hard work speak for itself.

    ~ Integrity: strength comes from integrity

    ~ Sensitivity: let the Holy Spirit give you discernment

    “The more you apply yourself, the more people will listen to you.”

    Also, by way of book recommendation, my husband told us about The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, in case you missed it.  And keep scrolling for the picture you came to see…


    histc_w4_colin-9histc_w4_colin-29 IMG_0158 histc_w4_colin-31 IMG_0157 IMG_0211 histc_w4_triston-9EC6645D2-A38A-40F9-AD06-046BAA2FC316.full

  4. “in the blood”

    Honey I Shrunk the Church

    In this message, my husband preached an EPIC message on the power of voluntary submission, as we learned from the wisdom of the locust army.

    We learned the importance of laying down individuality for the greater cause, and what we get to do and become when we do it together.

    We learned:

    ~ Knit together we can go further.

    ~ Interaction makes us happy: I loved learning how the locusts’ true colors come out when they are in community.

    “Getting to our God given colors requires community.”

    ~ Numbers allow for transformation: I want to be Gary the Gregarious!

    ~ Growth gives us wings: why would you jump, when you could fly?

    “Lean into the power of the swarm.”

    IMG_9546 Baptism_4_10_2016-18 IMG_9678 IMG_9589 Baptism_4_10_2016-28Baptism_4_10_2016-12 IMG_9585 Baptism_4_10_2016-23

    And oh my goodness, there is no place I’d rather be on our 12th wedding anniversary than in God’s House with our fresh family.  I love you Levi, and I love you Church!

  5. “home sweet home”

    Honey I Shrunk The Church

    What a powerful weekend as we learned the importance of being planted in the House of the Lord.

    “There is great protection when you’re planted in the right place.”

    I LOVED learning from these little rock badgers, and the wisdom we can learn from these little guys who are a “feeble folk.”

    Grab this message if you missed it, and learn how we can avoid defeat as we learn from the hyrax.  Learning to retreat, feet, heat, and their run-sheet.  SO good!

    See you next week as we continue in this series learning to get big by thinking small.

    “Until you get to Heaven, make sure you have a haven.”

    DSC_2911 DSC_3735 DSC_3602 DSC_3694 DSC_3648 DSC_3578