1. “early to bed, early to rise”

    If you’re reading this, before you go any further, go listen to this message if you missed it, because it’s so good.  As my husband unpacked these verses in 1 Thessalonians, I was strengthened and comforted and encouraged by God’s Word, and I want you to be too!


    Here were the points for this weekend and some of my notes:

    1.  Not being clear will lead to unwarranted fear.  We must not be ignorant/in the dark concerning those who have died in Christ.

    “Fuzzy thinking will lead to sinking while grieving.”

    2.  Because of Jesus, death is only temporary.  Death is just sleeping – Jesus took away the permanence of death.  And what’s Heaven like?  FAR BETTER.

    3.  He will either come with us or for us.  my favorite point!!

    4.  When isn’t the question, what is.

    “keep your armor on to face the dawn.”


  2. “mind your business”



    “God’s will for your life is that you will be like Jesus.”

    I loved this weekend’s message.  Learning to mind our business, but more in the British sense, of watching out for our business and giving thought and care for our lives…SO powerful!

    I’m so thankful for how my husband studies so diligently and for how he consistently preaches the Word in season and out of season.  This weekend, learning how Paul encouraged the Thessalonians to grow and abound more and more was amazing.  Paul was telling these new believers that the Christian life was all about walking and learning and growing in holiness.

    I also loved so much God’s providence and timing with this message being right before our o2 experience tour.  Like my husband said, if we are telling the message of life, death, sex, and romance, then we’ve got to be living out what we’re calling people to.  Purity is God’s will for us, so we must live it and as we do, call out this generation to God’s best for their lives!

    We’ve got to mind our business and increase more and more in:


    “To fight against the Holy Spirit is to fight against your bodyguard – the One who was given to fight for us.”

    “Holiness isn’t something He wants from us, but for us.”



    “The more you’re in sync with God, the more you’re in sync with God’s people.”

    “It takes a village to live a holy life.”



    “The wrong ambition robs you of the tranquility you were meant to have.”

    “Make it your ambition to not be so ambitious.” – JB Phillips

    I love that last point so much, and this week I want to walk in this – to walk in all God has for me, to live quietly, to work hard with my hands, and enjoy the season I’m in.  Whether I’m in a crazy season or not, I can live with the peace that I was meant to have.  Thank you Lord for Your peace that passes understanding.


  3. “born for this”





    “When you have purpose, it changes your perspective and it gives you great passion and power.”

    What an incredible message this weekend as we learned what we were born for:
    . . . Adversity
    “his desire is that your faith will not be destroyed or dulled by trial, but deepened.”
    “In knowing it’s coming, you have the upper hand.” #AnticipatingAdversity
    “You can’t be surprised by what you’re prepared for.”
    . . . Affection
    letting people in, tender attachment, letting people become dear to you
    “How much larger your life would be if your self could become smaller in it.” – GK Chesterton
    We’re not meant to be an island, but to let people in and to care for others.
    “In your affliction, show more affection.”
    “Your affection in someone else’s affliction can boost your morale no matter your condition.”
    . . . Progress
    your potential progress is unlimited – we get to choose how much progress we make!
    You get to choose how much you grow in Christ.
    “ever brighter”
    “today could be the day”
    . . . Generosity
    generous spirit –  you were born so others could be born too –
    “Let your life splash over, no matter where you are, there’s another gear.”
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  4. “where there’s a will”





    “God’s Word works effectively in you as long as there is a will and a faith to receive it.”

    We tremble before God’s Word, and as my husband preached it this weekend, it was POWERFUL!

    I love this message and if you missed it, you’ve gotta catch it.

    We learned from 1 Thessalonians this weekend that where there’s a will…

    …there’s a WAR.

    “Look at the hostility we face as the significance of the mission.”

    …there’s a WAY.

    “Whatever He calls you to, He is prepared to see you through.”

    Meanwhile! We must learn to look at failure differently.

    …there’s an inheritance.

    “Your reward on that day is determined on what you do on this day.”

    Some shots from this weekend:

    js_billings-1014 js_billings-0901 IMG_1135js_billings-1002 IMG_0805 IMG_1190 IMG_0862 IMG_1226 js_billings-1029 js_billings-0969 IMG_1239 js_billings-0773 js_billings-1002

    See you next week as we continue, Our Glory and Joy!

  5. “never give up!”

    (becoming the juggernauts we were born to be)



    It was such a beautiful weekend in the fresh life house!  it’s always a party, but we got to celebrate the Mothers in the House, and all the ladies with the heart of a Mother. And we also got to celebrate our Pastor on his birthday! Partay!!!



    And goodness what a message!  I love getting to study the book of 1 Thessalonians, and I’m so thankful for my husband who studied so hard this week to preach the Word with such fire and passion and conviction.  I sure do love him, and it was such a sweet thing getting to read all the posts honoring him on his birthday.  He’s such a gift to me, and to our whole church.

    This message was so powerful and such a needed reminder for us all.

    We must never give up!

    . . . even when it doesn’t seem to be working.

    “Progress isn’t always visible.”

    . . . even when your motives are misunderstood.

    “Popularity is never the goal, being faithful is.”

    . . . even when it’s hard.

    “There is no greatness without difficulty.”

    . . . even when your sacrifice isn’t noticed or appreciated.

    (Because Heaven is watching!)

    “impart: send heat out of your life to give it to others so that they may walk worthy of God.”

    IMG_0100 IMG_0966FLHelena5-8-16-5616 IMG_0650 IMG_0112 IMG_0733 IMG_0802 IMG_0872 IMG_0758 IMG_0770 IMG_0593 IMG_9889