1. sand castle kings


    What a powerful weekend as we had the privilege of having Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. in the House!  We love him and his incredible wife Dawn Cheré, and are so excited for how God is using them and building up their church, Vous Church to reach the people in Miami.

    “You might feel delayed, but you are  not denied.  You might feel delayed, but you are not defeated.  He’s a right on time God.”

    We’re thankful he came to share about his book, Sand Castle Kings, and pour into our church and staff. Thank you Rich!

    “With all the self books, people are still in need of a Savior.”


  2. unashamed


    What an absolute JOY to welcome the lovely Christine Caine to the fresh life house this weekend!  Levi and I are so thankful for Chris and her husband Nick and their sweet daughters who are living their lives so that people would know Jesus and that they would be unashamed of their past to have power in their present and making a difference with their future.

    “we’re not meant to experience shame.”

    Be sure to catch this message now if you missed it!

    “What Jesus has done for us is greater than what has been done to us.”

    Thank you Christine for traveling all the way to Montana and for pouring into this House. We are thankful for you and your family, and for you beautiful heart for the Kingdom!



  3. “good things”


    What an incredible launch to this epic series.  When Levi told me about this series, I first told him what a genius he is (because he absolutely is) and then I told him I can’t wait for this!! So Pastor Kevin Gerald graciously came to speak life and good things into this House.

    I loved having our church hear about how we can see our lives through the lens of God’s favor, and we can look for it and see it all around us.

    “A good life, like a good book is made up of many chapters.  A chapter is a chapter, not the story.”

    This truth has stuck with me the most.  No matter what chapter we are in the midst of, it’s not the story, it’s just a chapter.  Beautiful.  Praying you see the chapter your in as part of your story, not the whole story.

    “Don’t count yourself out of what God has included you in.”



  4. O M A H A, Nebraska

    We had a blast in Omaha, and it was such a fun time being in a new city.  A new thing we have added to the 02 experience has been a super fun leadership event right before it starts.  Levi and I sharing things God has shown us and taught us (mostly Levi pouring out leadership gold) and it has been a great addition to the night!  Next up, Rolling Meadows, Illinois!



















  5. “between now and then”




    What a beautifully practical message this weekend!  I love how my husband said that this passage in 1 Thessalonians is just what we need to know God’s will for our lives.  And it shows us what to do when we get off track:

    Honor up, Honor down, Honor all around


    Do God’s will and whatever you want


    The fire must never go out


    Stay healthy and give grace anyway


    This is a message that will help so many people so be sure to catch it, and share it!

    And be sure to invite your friends who are in or near any of the cities where we will be bringing the o2 experience!

    See you next week for our Summer Reading series!

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