1. the little brown table


    The other day I tripped over this thing for probably the two-hundredth time (possibly more) while putting dishes away, and I was thinking how glad I’ll be when it’s finally gone and not in the middle of the kitchen! I stopped myself in my own selfish, whiny tracks and remembered: no, I’ll actually be really sad when it’s time for this tiny piece of furniture to be thrown out.

    It’s just a little brown table.

    The paint is wearing away, it’s missing a chair, usually has something sticky on it, and it’s all around a very unimpressive little thing.

    And what I realized at that moment was how special this table really was.  Not because of the table itself, but because of how special the little girls are who have sat down around it, and who currently are.


    You see, this table has been the place where daily breakfasts and lunches happen, tea parties take place, creative art and painting times occur, and so on. It’s been a table where sweet little conversations arise, and where little girls have learned to sit like big girls.

    I treasure this table even more because of the memories with Lenya. I remember about a week before Lenya went to heaven, Lenya and Daisy were sitting opposite each other at this table, and they were fighting, pushing it against each other. I told them to stop pushing it and to tell each other one thing they loved about the other. Lenya immediately said, “I love Daisy’s hair!” and then Daisy said back, “well, I love her hair!” And it’s funny how even to this day, when we ask Daisy something she loves about Lenya, she says her hair.

    I’ve been learning how I need to embrace the little brown table in my life. And the constantly overflowing laundry room. And the dining room table full of little “homes” for Littlest Pet Shop toys.  Some of these things in our lives are extremely inconvenient, and most times we’ll trip over it, but what if we came to a place where we embraced it, and enjoyed the phase, enjoyed the process, enjoyed the mess.

    It’s something I’m always learning, and hope to continue to grow in:

    Enjoy the ordinary.

    Enjoy the little, seemingly insignificant, moments.

    Enjoy your little ones.

    Enjoy the process.



     “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven…He has made everything beautiful in it’s time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.” Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11

  2. “microphone confusion” #isthisthingon


    I loved this 5th installment of our microphone series so much! Catch the message here if you missed it, or if you want to listen again!

    The past four messages have been all about how we can use our microphone that God has put in our hands, and this weekend was all about how that very same microphone that God can use for His glory, can also be dangerous when not used in the right way.

    “You’re influential and loud even when you’re disobedient.”

    My husband brought up the example of Jonah which was so perfect. When we are disobedient to God, the microphone is still in our hands, and we can do so much damage to the gospel and to the process of showing people God’s love.

    “Pride will hit the mute button on your microphone.”

    My husband explained how “there’s nothing more detrimental to our destiny or more harmful to our calling than pride.” And it’s so true that we must continually humble ourselves and realize the extreme honor it is to serve God and to be doing what we’re doing whatever that might be. We have such a great Savior who has saved us, and now, anything we get to be a part of we should consider an honor and a privilege, always!

    It was an amazing worship experience all across Montana and here are some pics I snapped from the weekend:

    photo 3

    photo 1

    photo 2

    the Billings team rocks and it’s always a joy to be there! We meet at a former Casino at the Rimrock Mall and our team has made it perfect in there.

    photo 2

    photo 1photo 5

    And this shot is from our Missoula campus (photo credit: @elishaguido)

    photo 4

    I love my church!

  3. “the family is a microphone” #isthisthingon


    “The four walls of the home form a speaker that broadcasts the contents of your heart to a waiting and watching world.”

    I love this weekend’s message with all my heart.

    If you missed it, you should catch up right now if you can. Listen here.

    There was so much truth and so many things that God was speaking to me through my husband, and I’m just so thankful that I get to listen three times and let the message sink in and simmer.

    “Marriage is two best friends helping each other become more like Jesus.”

    This statement has been ringing in my ears in such a good way. It’s a simple statement, one that you would think a married person should know, but to remember this truth every day is a huge game changer. To “out-serve each other” to “give more grace” and to remember that “marriage is meant to send the message of the gospel” are some of the simple yet profound truths that my husband preached, that are resounding in my heart.

    And I loved so much the point my husband made that no matter what stage we are at in life, the power in the home comes through being planted in the house of God. We will flourish and grow and thrive abundantly when we are planted in the house.

    I pray that you grow deeper in Christ this week as you use the microphone God has given you for His glory!

    Some phone shots from this amazing weekend at fresh life:

    photo 2-1

    photo 3-1

    [that’s my adorable sister singing, by the way. follow her on twitter – @chelsinator1 – (she’s funny and encouraging)]

  4. the best kind of cheerleader


    I always wanted to be a cheerleader, but for some reason my high school didn’t have a cheerleading team.  I had friends who were cheerleaders at their schools, so when they showed up at youth group in their cute gear, I always thought to myself how I wished I could do that!

    I’ve been studying Proverbs 31 in my 31st year of life, and as I have studied verse 12, the Amplified version really stood out to me:

    “She comforts, encourages, and does him only good as long as there is life within her.”

    As I  studied these words, some synonyms for encourage were: applaud, boost, brighten, cheer, energize, inspire, rally, strengthen, and I immediately thought about my silly cheerleading envy in high school. I thought, “I AM getting to cheerlead! Just in a different way than I thought as a sixteen year old!”

    I’m still very much a newbie at marriage, let alone a marriage in ministry, but as I’ve had the privilege of being married to such a strong, passionate, visionary pastor for 9 years, I’ve learned that being his wife is really like being a cheerleader (cute outfit with exuberant attitude and pom poms may apply on some days).

    So I began thinking about what my job was as a cheerleading wife. To deeply love my husband and to want to see all that God has put in his heart come out in the way God intended. To cheer him on with all my heart.  To inspire him with courage and spirit and confidence, and to rally all who are in our home to be a part of the excitement and wonder of how God is using him. To brighten my home with this team spirit. To be his biggest fan.

    What an honor to be a cheerleading wife!

    I’m not saying that I’ve got this down, or that I’m perfect at this calling of cheerleading, BUT thankfully, in all my failures and mistakes and mess-ups, I have a God who fights for me, who strengthens my arms for battle, who gives me all I need to live this life. I have a Savior who lived, and died, and rose again, and who is coming back soon, and we, in Christ, have cheerleaders cheering for us, all the people who have died in Christ before us, along with my Lenya Lion.

    Although I never got to be the cute girl jumping and dancing around with the white shoes and green and gold pom poms screaming for my high school team, the Pirates, I DO get to be the best kind of cheerleader within my home, in my church. Cheering for Fresh Life, Skull Church, the O2 Experience?! The best. There’s no other place I’d rather be than right by his side.



  5. this weekend in missoula

    What a powerful weekend in Missoula! I love Skull Church at the Wilma – great venue where Marilyn Manson, Weird Al, Skrillex, Jane’s Addiction are a few of the artists that have played there. It’s so huge to get to bring the Gospel to such a place where people might feel a little more comfortable coming.

    The Skull Church band opened up each night with so much energy and excitement. They really set the tone for the night and they do such a great job at it!


    My husband preached two different messages over the weekend, and really brought the truth of the gospel with such power and passion. The first night he preached the story of the prodigal son and I LOVED the point he made that a reason why the father ran to his son who was afar off, was to shield his son’s shame. What a powerful picture of God’s love for us. He wants to save us, redeem us, and shield us from shame that so often comes with our past.

    The second night my husband preached the cross. The simple gospel of what happened on skull hill, where Jesus gave His life for the sins of the whole world: SO powerful! Each night, getting to see people walk down the aisles and surrender their lives to Christ. There’s nothing like it!! The first night I recognized some kids who came forward who my girls and I had seen at the carousel next door to the Wilma that day. Lives changed!!


    The Afters and John Mark McMillan brought such spectacular shows both nights. They’re such ministry-minded, Gospel-centered bands, and it’s such a joy to partner with such talented, high-caliber people!



    Speaking of high quality people, our team is just absolutely incredible. Serving God with all their hearts and souls, with blood, sweat, and tears. We love you all!!

    The world is being impacted by the vision God has given my husband, and I’m in awe that we get to have a part in this adventure.  We saw almost 8 times as many people watching online than those there in the Wilma and among many countries across the world, more than one hundred people were watching from Manila which is so awesome. God is working salvation in the earth, and the fact that He wants to use us in this work floors me. Praise God for the things He has done, and now, up next: Helena, Montana

    Can’t wait!