1. clear as mud

    What a beautiful weekend all across our church!  And it felt electric at every location knowing that we were welcoming three new rooms to this House – Helena, Polson, and Salt Lake City!

    Our teams everywhere worked so hard, and I loved hearing how there were people from each city traveling to help and serve and love and give.  Beautiful!

    And this message! Listen right now if you missed it.  I think it was the perfect message for the launch of new campus as my husband preached about Naaman and how God healed him of his leprosy.

    Here were all of the points:

    Your Problems Serve a Purpose

    Bitter Experiences Are Not Optional, Bitterness Is (my favorite point) :: becoming a bitter person is a choice

    Pre-conceived Notions Can Keep You From Being Cured

    God Doesn’t Want To Meet Your Need :: He wants to EXCEED your need

    The Gospel Only Has Room For One Hero :: and you are not it.  Religion keeps us the hero, but Jesus is the only hero.  Thank You Jesus!

    Some shots from the weekend:



  2. fish out of water

    “Jesus doesn’t have your cure. He is your cure.”

    I have loved so much how we have found ourselves in an epic little stream of messages about water.  My husband has been preaching on the subject of the living water that flows from Jesus to us and through us into the lives of the people around us.

    “Jesus can’t take you somewhere new if you’re comfortable with where you are.”

    This weekend’s message from John 5 was so powerful!  Grab your notebook and take a listen, and then you’ll probably need to pause throughout and write down all the golden nuggets from God’s word!

    “never let your progress be dependent on other people.”

    I think my favorite points of the message are the first two: you can’t be made well against your will, and as long as you shift the blame, you’ll remain the same.  My husband mentioned how sometimes it’s possible to have an addiction to our affliction.  And it’s so true.  In my life, I have found that it can be comfortable and feel safe staying in a state of hurt and pain.  But God has so much for us as His desire and best plan is to heal and make us whole.

    And shifting the blame is so easy too!  It’s way easier to blame others for the hurt I feel, rather than accepting my part, and moving forward as God wants for us.  And it is truly a fight.  A fight to resist the comfortable way and to choose God’s best even when  – and especially when – it hurts.




    and some shots from our interest meeting in Helena ::


    FLHelena (42)FLHelena (4)FLHelena (71)FLHelena (37)FLHelena (17)

  3. the water is the problem

    My husband has been on such a roll with this water business, and he took last week’s message, Just Add Water, to an HNL as we dove into 1 Kings 18 when Elijah called fire from Heaven.  And my husband preached this like I have never heard before, so listen to it if you missed it, or listen again!

    “God can do the impossible butHe often calls His people to do the impractical.”

    “It’s giving, not keeping that leads to receiving.”

    I love how the people had to be a part of the solution by adding the only water they had.  They gave all they had to see God do what only He could do.

    Thank you Lord!


  4. just add water

    rock this city – blitzkrieg


    What a special weekend as we focused on serving our cities altogether across fresh life.  Rock This City is so special to me, and I believe such a powerful thing we do as we serve together loving our communities.

    And this message was just what we needed to hear as a church, and just such a beautiful message!  Catch it if you missed it here.

    We learned that we will never become what we’re meant to become if we don’t add water.

    1. our hydration must be continual –

    “if we’re going to have water going out, we must have water coming in.”

    2. our integrity is essential

    3. our focus needs to be generational – there’s more at stake than just our reach, what are we handing off to our children and grandchildren?

    4. our commitment is for the long haul

    like the Panama Canal, how can we lift what we can’t lift?

    just add water.

  5. the comeback


    Levi and I are so thankful for Pastor Louie and Shelley Giglio.  The impact they have had on our lives from far away, and close up has been huge.  And to have the honor of welcoming them to fresh life was so so special!  What a powerful and timely message to have poured into our hearts!

    “if we are going to have a comeback, we must listen to Jesus.”


    “God wants to write new chapters in our lives, but we tend to be comfortable just reading the old chapters.”

    Thank you Giglios! We love you so much.  We want to be like you when we grow up.