1. #savethedateseries

    “what you live now, you’ll lug later.”


    This weekend’s message is extremely important for every single one of us to lean in to.  If you missed this weekend, you need to go listen to this right now, right here.

    “it’s easier than you think to marry a stranger.”

    It amazes me the way my husband is able to clearly communicate to people in all walks of life.  His heart was to honestly and truly warn the young, single people, and yet he was able to communicate the hope and redemption we have in Christ.  Absolutely beautiful!

    “marrying the wrong person isn’t the biggest problem, being the wrong person is.”



  2. “grate expectations”


    We all need this truth in our lives whether we’re ten years old, or a junior in high school, or dating, or engaged, or newly married, or living in a rocky marriage or a rockin marriage, or been married for decades, or divorced and broken, etc….. basically these kind of things are for all of us, because God has such beautiful and honorable plans meant for each and every one of us in our relationships.  It matters to Him, so it should matter to us.

    “To protect our future by living carefully right now.”

    I loved my husband’s message and the passage he taught from was one of my favorites.  Levi told me that this is the longest recorded conversation Jesus had with anyone. And it was with a Samaritan woman. That’s a huge deal.  I just love seeing Jesus and how He interacted with this woman, and how He loved this woman, and how her life was changed as a result of meeting Him.

    “An encounter with Christ will give us a purpose that we weren’t prepare for.”

    I would say that for me, some of the expectations he talked about this weekend that I have had myself were these:

    “Being married will make me whole.”

    “I can make progress without effort.”

    “I can require more than I am willing to give.”

    Okay, so that’s basically all of them, but it’s true!  It’s so easy to not only have these expectations, but to continue to foster these beliefs while in marriage.  What great tools to have for any of you not yet married!

    Even in the midst of my failures and mistakes, I want to continually walk circumspectly in my relationship with my husband.  To keep getting back up and believing God for the best to come.


  3. leading like lady lions


    As I was listening to my husband preach about leading like lions last weekend, he said something that made me think about being a woman in leadership.

    In his point “they eat big to get big” he brought up the fact that lion cubs suckle up to fifteen times per day.  When he said this, I couldn’t help but think about the mother that needs to provide that much food for the little ones.  These lionesses must take in enough food to not only nourish they’re quickly growing babies, but they also must take in enough food to nourish their own bodies and to maintain strength to live and to hunt.

    If we as women in leadership are to be bold as lions, then we have much to learn from these fierce lionesses.  Just as these lady lions nourish their young,  we are also feeding and nourishing the little ones in our lives, and it’s not only the little hearts, but everyone who is in our sphere of influence.

    We each have a platform – a microphone – into the lives of those around us, and we are only able to give out what we’re taking in.  If we’re leading lives worthy to be followed by anyone, we must take in God’s Word more than ever, like reading the Word on our own, listening to podcasts, taking full advantage of the incredible teachings we receive every weekend at church, and letting His Word set the pace for our lives.

    We must feed on His faithfulness like Psalm 37 says.  We must take in the spiritual carbs (like my husband mentioned last weekend) and we’ve got to eat big, if we’re going to give of ourselves in a big way, and if we are to have a healthy, bright, and vigorous spirit for us to maintain strength in our own hearts.

    Psalm 119 is a beautiful Psalm about enjoying and loving God’s Word.  Here are a few that I’m sure you know, and that I love:

    “How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth.” Psalm 119:103


    “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”  Psalm 119:105


    “This is my comfort in my affliction, for Your Word has given me life.” Psalm 119:50

    In whatever platform God has called you to, you are to be as bold and brave and loving and tender (“retractable claws and velvety paws” anybody?) as a lioness.  Because of the strength we have in Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit, you are commissioned to be lovely lady lion leaders!  Love you ladies!

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  4. “leading like lions”


    Ever since my husband first poured into us at our August all staff, I haven’t been able to get these truths out of my mind.  We are all called to lead in some way, and whether it’s a seemingly small or large capacity, God’s heart is for us to lead like lions, to be bold and confident with a  vigorous spirit.

    It was such a sweet weekend in this fresh life house, and I’m just so thankful.  I am stronger because I’m surrounded by such  a strong, beautiful grove, and everything we learn, we learn together, and everything we do, we all do, and I’m just honored to be a small part in this wall.  And I love the wall overall!

    A few of my favorite points were:

    Lions know that little things can get in the way and hold them back.  My husband said that life is too short to hold onto little hurts, and he said that this is the year we let them go, and I really took this to heart.  I don’t want to be the one who is always bringing up past hurt, but I want to let go, release people, and trust God, and move forward.

    “This is the year we let go!”

    Lions know that their body language matters.  Lions have a tasseled tail that enables them to communicate with each other, and I loved this point so much as my husband asked us, “what is your tail saying?”  What does our body language say?  Are your actions giving others something to follow?

    “Leadership isn’t a title, it’s a lifestyle.”


  5. “run towards the roar”

    Through the Eyes of a Lion





    “victory comes from facing what you’re afraid of and going full throttle to what God is calling you to do.”

    It’s sad to see this series go, but it was such a powerful, beautiful time growing in the truths that fill this book, and it’s so exciting knowing that God has so much in store for so many as we package it and give it away for other churches and small groups to go through together.  My husband has such a kind and generous heart to give away all the parts of this sweet series, and I believe there’s no end to what God wants to do with this!

    Grab this message if you missed it, and run towards the ROAR!

    “God often calls us to places that frighten us so that we will fully trust Him.”


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