the o2 experience 2014


It’s hard to believe that we’ve been seeing God move through the o2 experience for ten years now. I’m amazed at how God gave us this vision for calling out a generation to purity, and at how God has changed the course of so many lives because of my husband’s faithfulness to preach the Gospel and to declare that Jesus is the answer to the problems and pain we experience.

I’m also amazed at how our team poured out their heart and soul to make each event happen.  As well as our fresh life team at home working double time to keep our weekend worship experiences going strong! I love my church and the people within it who are built up as living bricks in the House of God, love you all!!

My husband explains it so well on his blog here, but I wanted to share some pictures from this year’s O2 tour:

IMG_1304 IMG_1522 IMG_1648 IMG_1707 IMG_2097 IMG_2149 IMG_2744 IMG_2792 IMG_3146 IMG_3340 IMG_3384 IMG_3459 IMG_3600 IMG_3688 IMG_3846 IMG_4432 IMG_4533 IMG_4600 IMG_4611 IMG_4847




  • Amberly Tanzosh

    Love this post! And your husband’s blog as well 😉

    • jennie lusko

      love you Amberly!

  • Kathy Shaver

    Thank you for sharing, Jennie! So much passion is shown in these pictures. It warms my heart! Thanks to you, Levi and your team for coming to Montana . . .What a blessing for all!

    • jennie lusko

      love you Kathy!