i miss LENYA

It’s been eleven months since Lenya was last here with us, and my eight-year-old daughter Alivia wanted to share a few thoughts, and she picked a few pictures to share too:

I wish i could FaceTime Lenya so much then i could see what she is doing in Heaven.

I miss her sweet laugh and smile and when she wanted my attention she would say, “Livie Livie Livie!”

When I hear Daisy i think i am hearing Lenya.

even though she is in Heaven i know i will see her again.

Love, Alivia



  • Nichol Naranjo

    What beautiful words and photos, Alivia! It’s obvious that you are the best big sister! I pray for you often and I can’t wait until the day you see Lenya again and I get to see my brother Markie in heaven. We are going to have the best party! Until then, know that Jesus is truly using you in SO many amazing ways! I know He has such great things in store for you! Continue to shine so bright for Him, beautiful girl! <3