Lenya the Lion-Hearted


We were at Disneyland celebrating Lenya’s 5th birthday last year, and we were making our way to the next ride.

We had this Joovy stroller that was fresh life red, and our three older girls could fit on it. Daisy sat like a princess in the front and Livie and Lenya cozied up in the “chariot” side, as we like to call it.

As we walked, a pirate appeared alongside us, and arrrrr-ed at us. He said he had a special gift for each girl, so he asked their names and he gave them their very own pirate names, along with some pirate tattoos.

He named them: Alivia Of The Seven Seas, Lenya the Lion-hearted, and Dangerous Daisy (apparently Clover was too little for a pirate name).

We all laughed and marveled at Lenya’s pirate name because that’s what we called her – our Lenya-Lion.

Today marks 10 months since our Lion-hearted Lenya went suddenly to Heaven. It’s bitter because we hate death and that she’s not here with us. It’s sweet because we know she’s with Jesus, we know she’s perfectly pure in His presence. It’s bitter, sweet and everything in between.

It is truly sorrow upon sorrow, but we don’t sorrow as those who have no hope, because Jesus Christ is the One  in whom we have believed. Because of His life and death and resurrection, and because we believe this, we have the hope of Heaven. There’s no other name. And in this we rejoice, we sorrow, we hurt, we love, we live, we move onward, knowing that although we feel like we’re drifting further from her, we’re actually sailing closer.


She’s got her classic wild Lenya Lion’s mane in this one.


Growling like a lion, on a daddy-daughter date.


“Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” Psalm 31:24