“alive in Christ!” (roar stories)

I’ve been in awe of the stories that have been pouring in recently.  I just wanted to highlight one such “roar story” that was super special to me:

“Right after Christmas a childhood friend posted a link to your message on Facebook saying ‘days after my pastor’s five-year-old daughter passed away unexpectedly he gave the best message I have ever heard.’ Having two young children of my own that sentence grabbed me, so I watched it. By the end I was bawling because every word was ringing true in my life. Standing in my kitchen I gave my life to Christ. I am happy to say I have never felt more alive in Christ. I am so thankful God led me back to him through Fresh Life. Thank you Pastor Levi and Jennie. Through the story of your sweet Lenya going to heaven, and your testament of faith through it, God grabbed my attention. I am so thankful for this new life I have in Him because of it.”