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    #FourthWallSeries “Smile, you’re on Camera!”

    “Practicing the presence of God is your greatest power in temptation.”


    These truths that my amazing husband preached this weekend are game-changing, live-altering truths, and we would all benefit from listening again, so here it is for you to catch!

    I love learning from David’s example (what to do and what not to do) and this weekend was so powerful as we learned from the downward spiral of his sin.  I think my most favorite point of the weekend was this:

    “Every temptation is an intersection.”

    When we’re faced with temptation, part of it is the temptation to feel like there’s no way out except by choosing to sin.  But like we learned, God always gives us a way of escape, and gives us an off-ramp.  How good is our God?!

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    It was a fun weekend!  I love getting to teach alongside my husband.  It can get crazy sometimes!

    I love this mindset of putting into our marriages what we want out of it.  And that we can have a rocking marriage and we can have as much as we want!  God wants to bless our relationships and our marriages abundantly.  He wants us to fill our marriages to the brim and to have margin and the room to grow in grace and love.  Beautiful!  Grab the message if you missed it!

    And the release of Fall Afresh!  Woohoo!

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    This weekend’s message was incredible.  If you haven’t listened yet, or even if you have, listen here.

    “Be willing to fight for what God wants to build.”

    Such powerful truths for all of us in our marriages to truly have a marriage like we mean it.  The little daily decisions and choices that will keep us on the course, going true north, toward the destination we all desire, to have a rock solid marriage that fully glorifies God and points to Jesus, and is far away from divorce.

    “The moment you stop working, you’ll start drifting.”

    I loved so much how my husband began with the fact that he wasn’t preaching to our past, but to our future.  What strength and peace and grace is found in remembering that God has a plan for us in our relationships from THIS day forward.  I’m also so thankful for my husband’s way of teaching the truth in love.  He just preaches it like it is, and I’m thankful for that!

    “You can have as good of a marriage as you want to – from this day forward.”

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    “what you live now, you’ll lug later.”


    This weekend’s message is extremely important for every single one of us to lean in to.  If you missed this weekend, you need to go listen to this right now, right here.

    “it’s easier than you think to marry a stranger.”

    It amazes me the way my husband is able to clearly communicate to people in all walks of life.  His heart was to honestly and truly warn the young, single people, and yet he was able to communicate the hope and redemption we have in Christ.  Absolutely beautiful!

    “marrying the wrong person isn’t the biggest problem, being the wrong person is.”



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    “grate expectations”


    We all need this truth in our lives whether we’re ten years old, or a junior in high school, or dating, or engaged, or newly married, or living in a rocky marriage or a rockin marriage, or been married for decades, or divorced and broken, etc….. basically these kind of things are for all of us, because God has such beautiful and honorable plans meant for each and every one of us in our relationships.  It matters to Him, so it should matter to us.

    “To protect our future by living carefully right now.”

    I loved my husband’s message and the passage he taught from was one of my favorites.  Levi told me that this is the longest recorded conversation Jesus had with anyone. And it was with a Samaritan woman. That’s a huge deal.  I just love seeing Jesus and how He interacted with this woman, and how He loved this woman, and how her life was changed as a result of meeting Him.

    “An encounter with Christ will give us a purpose that we weren’t prepare for.”

    I would say that for me, some of the expectations he talked about this weekend that I have had myself were these:

    “Being married will make me whole.”

    “I can make progress without effort.”

    “I can require more than I am willing to give.”

    Okay, so that’s basically all of them, but it’s true!  It’s so easy to not only have these expectations, but to continue to foster these beliefs while in marriage.  What great tools to have for any of you not yet married!

    Even in the midst of my failures and mistakes, I want to continually walk circumspectly in my relationship with my husband.  To keep getting back up and believing God for the best to come.