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    “carry the one (so that others may live)”


    The finale of our multiply series was phenomenal.  You just need to listen to it right now, and then come back and read more and see pictures from the weekend.

    “Are you easily put out, or will you push through? Don’t let the problem keep you from the product.”

    I love this series, and I love what this series brought out of our hearts toward Heaven.  Investing in the Kingdom – there’s nothing like it.


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    “get with the times”



    “When we get with the times, it sets the table for God to move, and to bring bread to the hungry.”

    This series is beautiful, and this weekend’s message was powerful.  These truths my husband preached this weekend will change our lives in incredible ways as we are faithful with what God has put in our hands.

    “God wants to grow what you’ve been given.”

    For me, one of the biggest things I was learning and reminded of was that I just want to be found faithful with the things God has put in my hands.  All that God has called me to, I want to put my heart into it, and do the best with what He gives me.

    And I love how tithing launches us into all this.  It’s the times tables of giving, the training wheels, and once we get this rhythm, it will change our lives and how we view our lives, our finances, our everything!

    “God doesn’t want to take something from you, He wants to produce something with you.”

    And goodness gracious, that visual though! Of Livie lifting Dan Hughes!  That will always be seared in my mind of what we can’t do on our own, but of the power there is when we are pulling together.

    “His expectation is our multiplication.”

    I’m so thankful for my husband preaching the word with such boldness and conviction, and for this House.  I’m thankful that we aren’t going to settle, but we’re going to keep risking and keep launching until Jesus comes back or we die.

    “The riskiest thing we could do is to stop taking spiritual risks. The most dangerous thing we could do is to play it safe.”

    IMG_5147IMG_5013 IMG_5245 IMG_5413 IMG_5439 IMG_5461 IMG_5482 IMG_5488 IMG_5493  IMG_4955

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    “hold ’em or hundred fold ’em”


    My husband said that this series is to give us a running start into 2016.  To give us the frame of mind, the atmosphere of heart to face the new year.  This is for us as a church, but also for us individually.  I loved how he said that we can benefit from the momentum of the House.

    “If we are going to stay on this path God has for us, we will always be outnumbered, outgunned, and on the winning team.”

    This series tho.  I’m just so excited for my own relationship with Jesus as He takes me further up and further in, and I just can’t wait for what God pours into our hearts and how He leads us to give and live and to love and to lead. This is an exhilarating time, fresh life!  And grab this message if you missed it!

    And I love how our kids are learning the same things and getting to give toward all that is in our hearts in 2016!

    Some shots from beautiful Billings:

    js_billings-2744js_billings-2701js_billings-2651js_billings-2835 js_billings-2796


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    #FourthWallSeries “Afraid, but not Alone”


    If we put into practice the truths we have learned in this series, our lives will be radically changed.  The simple and yet powerful reminder that God is always with us, will change how we see our circumstances, temptation, wanderings, and our suffering, like we learned this weekend.

    “What comes against you is no match for Who is with you.”

    This weekend was so special and so powerful as we learned that our God is never closer than when He feels far away.  We learned the impact of His presence in our suffering, and how that changes everything. I love this story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego!

    When we remember He is with us:

    1 we are Invincible

    2 we are Blessable

    3 we experience the Unexplainable

    One of my most favorite things of this message was when my husband pointed out how the Bible says their clothes didn’t even smell like smoke!  And the beauty of how God can take our worst day, and restore and redeem and remove the smell of the trial from our lives.  Our darkest days won’t disappear from our lives, but they don’t need to define our lives. Thank You Lord for your presence and Your power in our pain.

    Here are some shots from the weekend, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and see you next week for the start of our Multiply series!

    shawna_4thwall_11-21-2015-4305IMG_7246 _4thwall-4322 shawna_4thwall_11-21-2015-4283 colin_4thwall_2015 (7 of 25) colin_4thwall_2015 (23 of 25) shawna_4thwall_11-21-2015-4260

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    #FourthWallSeries “Comeback Kids”


    My voice is hoarse and my hands are sore from worshipping and shouting out and clapping this weekend, what a weekend!  It was a beautiful weekend at fresh life, and I LOVE this series with all my heart.  I’m so thankful for how my husband works so hard to study in order to present God’s Word to us.  And the way God speaks through him is just amazing, and this weekend was so powerful.

    “God is present in your wanderings.”

    I loved the first point:  “jumping the gun will cost you in the long run.”  And how we can get the task right, but often get the timing wrong.  And it was such a convicting thing to hear that the problem that Moses struggled with kept him from getting to enter into the promised land.

    “When you don’t control you emotions, your emotions will control you.”

    And I also loved the truth we learned that “God’s presence is not based on our performance.”  He’s not nearer to us on our good days than on our bad days.  Even when we’re having a rough Monday, with God it’s always Friday, Good Friday, because when He sees us He sees Jesus.  And His presence can actually change our performance.  Beautiful!!

    Catch the message here, remember to pack an OCC box, and have an amazing week!  Love you all!

    IMG_1091 IMG_0993 4thwall_Couser_11 (9 of 41) IMG_1063 IMG_1241 IMG_1246 IMG_1261 IMG_1258 4thwall_Couser_11 (23 of 41) 4thwall_Colin_11 (3 of 54) IMG_1130 IMG_1146