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    “slipping through the cracks”

    Honey I Shrunk the Church

    I’ve loved this series with all my heart.  What vital messages for the heartbeat of our church.  Of who we are, what we do, why we do it…beautiful!

    This message on the spider tho.  Powerful!

    “Potential gets unleashed when you leverage your platform.”

    We learned what it looks like to use the platform – the microphone – God has given us.  There is so much to learn from the spider!

    ~ Opportunity: “where can you spin a web that others can’t?”

    ~ Quality: be wicked awesome. let your hard work speak for itself.

    ~ Integrity: strength comes from integrity

    ~ Sensitivity: let the Holy Spirit give you discernment

    “The more you apply yourself, the more people will listen to you.”

    Also, by way of book recommendation, my husband told us about The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, in case you missed it.  And keep scrolling for the picture you came to see…


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    “in the blood”

    Honey I Shrunk the Church

    In this message, my husband preached an EPIC message on the power of voluntary submission, as we learned from the wisdom of the locust army.

    We learned the importance of laying down individuality for the greater cause, and what we get to do and become when we do it together.

    We learned:

    ~ Knit together we can go further.

    ~ Interaction makes us happy: I loved learning how the locusts’ true colors come out when they are in community.

    “Getting to our God given colors requires community.”

    ~ Numbers allow for transformation: I want to be Gary the Gregarious!

    ~ Growth gives us wings: why would you jump, when you could fly?

    “Lean into the power of the swarm.”

    IMG_9546 Baptism_4_10_2016-18 IMG_9678 IMG_9589 Baptism_4_10_2016-28Baptism_4_10_2016-12 IMG_9585 Baptism_4_10_2016-23

    And oh my goodness, there is no place I’d rather be on our 12th wedding anniversary than in God’s House with our fresh family.  I love you Levi, and I love you Church!

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    “home sweet home”

    Honey I Shrunk The Church

    What a powerful weekend as we learned the importance of being planted in the House of the Lord.

    “There is great protection when you’re planted in the right place.”

    I LOVED learning from these little rock badgers, and the wisdom we can learn from these little guys who are a “feeble folk.”

    Grab this message if you missed it, and learn how we can avoid defeat as we learn from the hyrax.  Learning to retreat, feet, heat, and their run-sheet.  SO good!

    See you next week as we continue in this series learning to get big by thinking small.

    “Until you get to Heaven, make sure you have a haven.”

    DSC_2911 DSC_3735 DSC_3602 DSC_3694 DSC_3648 DSC_3578


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    “tis the season”

    Honey I Shrunk the Church

    In this series, we are getting big by thinking small.  We’re learning from some creatures found in Proverbs 30 who are small in size, but are exceedingly wise, and my husband is taking this time to preach some incredible truths that will truly help the health and growth of our church.

    Here are a few things we learned from the ants this weekend:

    Ants lean into their season:

    Understand your season.

    Diagnose your season.

    Prepare for coming season.

    Celebrate your season.

    Beautiful lessons to learn and to hold onto as we charge into this epic series.


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    Fresh Life Easter



    What a powerful weekend all across our church!  Beautiful worship experiences, people’s lives changed, deep growth in our hearts!

    The final message in our series ending on Easter was really special.  I loved learning how the Jews would add on this doxology to every prayer:

    “For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever amen!”

    And our teams rocked it, as usual.

    I love this House.

    And next up, our brand new series, “Honey I Shrunk the Church”

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