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    #microphone – “destined for impact”

    Happy July! I love the fresh start of a new series. There is always so much excitement and anticipation looking forward to all that God is going to teach us and grow us in.

    Microphone is all about influence. Our influence. How God has given us a unique and special platform, and how to live a life of impact no matter where we are.

    “What are you doing with your microphone? Your voice is too good to waste on yourself. We are to live to make Jesus famous!”

    During his third point, my husband pointed out so well that sometimes our lives don’t feel special or unique or glamorous or worthy to be broadcasted, but that’s exactly it! No matter what we are doing, no matter what our lives look like, no matter the glamor or lack thereof, God has given us this platform and it’s a microphone to the world, and it’s always on! And I love that for me, at home, in the “little things” like making breakfast or doing laundry, or changing diapers or reading stories, these things can actually make an impact as I seek to use this platform God has given me.  Nothing is too little or too big for God to use, and I love that! We can all do our part wherever we’re at!

    “The closer we are to Jesus, the more God can use us. And the  more we look to Jesus, the more radiant our lives are.”

    And I loved the truth that my husband brought up that “unity is the key to volume.” The picture of the body of Christ uniting and making our voice loud by saying the same thing together is just beautiful!

    “When we unite, there’s no one we can’t reach and there’s nothing we can’t do!”

    And I love this so much about our church, fresh life, as we run with horses, and as we risk the ocean together!

    Catch this message here, and have a fabulous week using the microphone God has given you!

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    #altarego – Laying Down My Longing For Approval

    This series with Pastor Craig Groeschel has been incredible! God has really been using this series to point out things in my life that He wants to work on or change or clean out, and it hurts, but it’s so good!

    This week as we learned more about becoming who God says we are, Pastor Craig focused on our need for approval. He went through a list of signs that might show us this need, and I felt like each item on the list described me!

    He described this as “the disease to please” and it really is a disease, as we look to others for affirmation or we really care what others think about what we do and who we are.  When he brought up the fact that pleasing people is idolatry, that hit me hard.  Because the truth is, I so often consider what others think before I consider what God thinks, and it’s something I’ve always struggled with ever since I was a little girl.  Wanting  people to like me, being overly sensitive to criticism, having a hard time saying no, having difficulty communicating because of the fear of being rejected, and so on….And this quote impacted me greatly:

    “Becoming obsessed with what people think about you is the quickest way to forget what God thinks about you.”

    And a very freeing moment was when he had us repeat after him:

    “I can’t please people, but I can please God!”

    And I’ve just been thinking about this over and over. When he mentioned the 10 places in the Bible where it clearly states who God says we are, it was pretty amazing to see those things listed out.  And one of my favorites was 2 Corinthians 5:20 that I am Christ’s ambassador – the highest ranking representative sent by God to wherever He has sent us. Our job, our home, our marriage, our family, our parents, etc…

    In addition to a great message, this weekend was just exciting at Fresh Life as we celebrated the great things God had done through the O2 Experience Tour. The Lord has done great things, we are glad, and we are so fired up for what’s next!

    I’m SO excited for our Microphone series starting this weekend!

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    #altarego – laying down our feelings of inadequacy

    We are so thankful to Pastor Craig Groeschel for teaching through his Altar Ego series at Fresh Life as we are focusing on our O2 Experience West Coast Tour.

    I know this message was perfect for every single person this weekend, because we all struggle with feelings of inadequacy in some way.

    “Our egos tell us what we’re not, God wants to tell us who we are.”

    At the beginning, he brought up a few reasons why we feel inadequate, and the one that hit me where I’m at is that we’ve received unrealistic compliments. And to be quite honest, I feel like I receive a lot of comments from people who are sweetly encouraging and lovingly being kind; however, I often feel very inadequate because I don’t measure up  to the “amazing wife” or “amazing mom” that people say! But when I believe these truths that God’s view of me is different than I think, that God has given me more than I think, and that it’s less about me than I think, then it really doesn’t matter! I can step into His strength and His power and His goodness as Pastor Craig said, and it’s a beautiful thing!

    “We are incredibly, grossly inadequate before a holy God. And He loves you still. He sent Jesus so that we could be forgiven and be totally and completely new.”

    My husband encouraged everyone to read this book, Altar Ego, as it deeply impacted him when he read it in February! What a special June for Fresh Life!

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    #breakingcamp – “echoes in eternity”

    “What we do in our tent is directly connected to our life in the house.”

    If this weekend’s message didn’t stir us up toward love and good works, I don’t know what will! This whole week as my husband was including me in his thoughts and studying, I was lucky enough to get to start letting these truths simmer in my heart before I even got to hear the message, and I LOVE it so much!!

    I loved this whole message from beginning to end, it was a perfect end to this amazing series, with a challenge to live this life with all we got because our lives are short and heaven is real and there is a reward waiting!

    If I had to choose one main thing that struck a chord in my soul, I would have to say it was the last point which was “act now or forever hold your peace.”  As heaven is our motivation along with the rewards that come, we have a limited amount of time to work. As my husband said:

    “We’ve been placed in a world of pain and hopelessness and fear, and we have the answer, and we have everything we need to tell the world about Jesus.”

    So with wisdom and love and discernment, we must act now, seizing the moment, taking every opportunity with the people God places in our path.


    “Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” 1 Corinthians 15:58



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    #breakingcamp – unshakable courage

    This series has been so good for my soul. I feel like God has been changing my life and changing my perspective even more about death and life and heaven.  I say this in my heart every week, but this message is my favorite!  God was speaking so incredibly through my husband.

    This week was a hard week for me, feeling discouraged, having a hard time taking heart.  And this weekend’s message from God’s Word was just what my downcast soul needed.

    One of the things my husband said that I had never heard or considered before was when He brought up the fact that Jesus said He was preparing a place for us:

    “He’s not just preparing a place for you,

    He’s also preparing you for that place.”

    I love that loving, intimate thought that Jesus is custom building a place just for us, perfect for us. He knows us, He loves us, and He’s building something we’re going to LOVE!

    And my husband’s point, “we see things that are unseen” was my big take away truth. God was telling me and reminding me to CHOOSE to see life, to CHOOSE to see what I can’t see with the naked eye.  In the difficult moments in life, when we’re losing heart, when the situations in life feel like they’re swallowing us up, we have a choice. We can choose to rejoice or we can choose to complain.

    “True courage isn’t to not feel fear, but it’s to feel fear and believe God anyway.”

    Psalm 27:13 – I would’ve lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

    Catch this message if you missed it.