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    “protected from temptation” #rampart


    I really love fresh life with my whole heart. I say it all the time and I mean it all the time. I love this family, this house, and I love that I get to worship and serve with such lovely people.

    This weekend we were in Philippians 3:17-21, as we learned that the rampart of joy protects us from temptation. My husband preached his heart out, and if you missed it, or you want to take another listen, go ahead and check it here.

    “For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body that it may be conformed to His glorious body…” Philippians 3:20-21

    His five points were:

    1. If you follow someone, you will end up where they are going.

    2. Your belly is not your friend.

    3. It’s not your past that should mark you, but your future.

    4. You are what you think.

    5. There’s no stronger motivation that anticipation.

    If I had to pick one point to write about, I’d have to pick #4, “you are what you think.” My husband explained that our thought life controls the outcome of our life. If our thoughts are set on heaven, then our actions will follow, and what we do here on earth, will be directed by our thinking on it. And our desire will be to invest in it, and impact it. Where our treasure is, there our heart will also be!

    My husband mentioned that I have a picture with the words, “I seek a homeland” on it (which is from the “Homesick” message in our Bread & Circuses series) in our bedroom. For those of you wondering what it looks like, here’s a picture of it.


    {Mrs. Lusko craft tip of the day – I found a canvas with a little kid’s painting on it at a thrift store for $3; I painted over it with white paint, and then covered it with some lace fabric; I hand-sewed the words on a piece of white fabric and then sewed it onto the the lace. Nothing fancy shmancy at all, but it’s a huge practical reminder to me every single day!}


    My prayer for us this week, is that we would walk in newness of life, choosing to set our minds on heaven, following good examples, getting ready for heaven, and remembering that our citizenship is in heaven. Our God is so good, let’s walk in His love!

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    “protected from religion” #rampart


    It was another epic weekend with an amazing message in my favorite series as my husband taught through Philippians 3.  Paul warned the church of the  religious people who were teaching falsely that they needed to depend on themselves, and their own works as they lived in this life.  It’s so sad to think that there are people who get so stuck in religion and religious things that they miss the whole point of it all. They miss the most important part – Jesus, and His life, death, and resurrection.

    “Religion never sees the sufficiency of Jesus Christ.”

    One of my favorite points was:

    “Salvation isn’t addition or subtraction, it’s substitution.”

    “It’s not what you can add or take away from your life, it’s letting Jesus BE your life.”

    It’s not about what we do or don’t do, it’s about Jesus, and HIS righteousness.

    You’ll definitely want to listen to this message.

    And be praying for this coming up weekend as we bring Skull Church to Helena, Montana! We can’t wait to see and be a part of people’s lives being changed as they encounter the living God who made them and loves them and created them for a purpose. I really believe that God is already working salvation in the earth, and there are specific plans that He will continue to unfold this weekend. AND we actually get to be a part of it! Let’s rally, fresh life, whether on the home team or away team, let’s pray and believe, because Jesus has destroyed death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel!

    Love you all!

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    “protected from trouble” #rampart

    “We are guaranteed trouble – it will always surround us, but the joy of the Lord protects us from it.”

    What a special, huge weekend all across Montana!

    This Rampart series is continuing to rock my life, and it is SO SO good.

    My husband preached with such fire and intensity, and if you got to be at the 1pm at the Strand, then it was extra fiery…(wink face)

    I loved his first point: “No one can walk with God for you.” No one can burn spiritual calories for us. We don’t work FOR our salvation, but we’ve got to work it OUT.

    “If you don’t do the hard work yourself, you’re only cheating yourself.”

    I loved his snakebird point: “Where human exertion meets divine explosion, magic happens.” My husband explained how this Christian life is ALL Him, and ALL us, and that tension of how God gives the victory, but we’ve still got to fight. I loved the mining illustration!

    I want to talk about every point, but you should just grab a listen and take notes for yourself, because it’s good. I’m telling you, if you want to go deeper in your walk with Jesus, listen.

    To top it off, we celebrated our oldest daughter, Alivia’s birthday on Sunday, AND we had baptisms at all our campuses, AND Alivia was baptized by her dad. Special weekend.

    some snapshots from this weekend:

    photo 1

    a new view for me!

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    three of my siblings leading worship in Billings

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    Alivia Sky Lusko – baptized 10.13.13

    photo 4

    proving the point that your personal trainer can’t burn calories for you

    photo 2

    And it was my first time singing with the worship band since Lenya went to heaven – so much specialness going on.

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    “protected from pride” #rampart

    I love that the joy of the Lord can protect us from pride and its poison.

    This message from Philippians 2:1-11 was my favorite and deeply life changing.

    “Pride doesn’t stand a chance when Jesus births joy in your heart, and it leads to humility.”

    I loved the picture my husband gave us of how humility is like a catapult being ratcheted deep down, in order to be launched into higher heights of all that God has for us.  How the lower we go, the higher He will take us.

    My husband extracted truths from this passage that is truly life altering. Points 2-4, if applied to our lives, has the potential of truly changing how we live and how we impact life now, and on into eternity.

    #2: Pride always divides – unity is the key to strength, and there can be no unity without humility. We can not forsake the assembling of ourselves together – and not just come together in body, but in heart. #heartandsoul We’ve got to ditch the me and focus on the we!

    #3: Your thoughts are a limited commodity, blessing is not – humility is not thinking less of yourself, but it’s thinking of yourself less. We can use our thoughts to think of others to make their lives better, and the blessing from that is endless. Humility is the secret to joy and to blessing.

    #4. The cure for conceit is the cross – when we think of Jesus and the cross, it should cause us to pour contempt on all our pride (#awesomesauce on the #selfiesundae); it should turn our stomaches to put ourselves first in light of the cross.

    Don’t take my word for it, take a listen to this message and be prepared to write down what God teaches you.

    “In everything the example is Jesus.”

    I hope this week is full of opportunities to put these truths into practice, and to see the beauty of thinking of God first, of thinking of others more, and of thinking of yourself less!

    Heart & Soul.

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    photo 2

    photo 1


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    something huge

    It was an amazing weekend. And not just at fresh life, but all over the country, and the world. I believe God is on the move ALL the time, every day, and that every weekend, there are churches that open God’s Word excitedly expectant to hear from Him.

    But this weekend was a special one. Every fresh life campus I went to, every person I talked to, there was this sense of excitement and awe that we get to be part of something bigger than us. Something huge.

    At fresh life, we had the honor of welcoming Nick Hall of the Reset Movement as well as Propaganda. Nick expressed his excitement and God’s heart to reset our hearts through prayer and seeking God in this generation. He said to reset something is to get a system working to it’s intended or created purpose, and God created us to bring Him glory, and to be expectant and ready for the things He wants to do through us.

    At the very same time, we as a church were rallying with Greg Laurie and Harvest America, along with thousands of host venues across the nation and the world to present the Gospel and lift up the name of Jesus. My husband has had the honor of hosting the Harvest Crusades for the past seven years (he does such a terrific job btw!), and we as a church love that we get to have such a huge investment in these events and more specifically in the lives that are changed by Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection!


    [photo: Harvest Ministries]

    We got to be a host venue on Sunday night in Billings, Kalispell, and Missoula, and we just felt like we were part of something…HUGE.

    This is how I feel every day, every week. God is on the move. [“The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.” 2 Chronicles 16:9]  We are experiencing His power in changing people’s lives all over Montana and beyond, and that’s just a small piece of the work He’s doing at large!

    We get to be on this team, on HIS team and it’s an honor. God doesn’t need us to accomplish His will, but He delights in using the foolish things of the world, and that’s us. And it’s huge.

    “For since the beginning of the world, men have not heard nor perceived by the ear, nor has the eye seen any God besides You, who acts for the one who waits for Him.” Isaiah 64:4


    [photo: Harvest Ministries]

    shots from fresh life: