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    This two-week running with horses series has been incredible as we have been remembering what God has done, and as we look forward to what God has for us in the future.

    I loved the China video, and the verses we discovered throughout it – such incredible verses from God’s Word to launch us into this new year, and into the next seven years of all that God has for us!

    My husband’s message this weekend was called “Cream and Sugar” (land of milk and honey) with his one point:

    Because He has carried us, we know He is calling us

    I just love the picture of how God brought Moses and the children of Israel to Sinai, not to leave them there, but to bring them to the Promised Land. And the same is true for us – the children of God – that He has brought us here, to get us to where He wants us next.

    My husband gave out cream and sugar packets to remind us of what God wants us to walk into this year, and that whenever we’re asked by a waitress if we’d like cream and sugar with our coffee, that we would remember that God has sweeter and greater things for us. What a constant, every day reminder, as I do indeed LOVE cream and sugar in my coffee!

    Some of my favorites of this message:

    You won’t succeed unless you’re willing to do the hard work.

    It won’t be easy.

    Plan on getting tired and running out of steam, and plan on what you are going to do when you do get tired.

    Be strong and do the work (1 Chronicles 28:10)

    It’ll be worth it on that Day when we’re standing before the throne. It’ll be worth it!

    Be sure to take a listen, here!

    God has so much more for us this year, fresh life, and I’m ready and willing and excited to be strong and to do the work and to run into it with you! Love you all!


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    I love that Fresh Life’s birthday is at the beginning of the year. There’s always so much celebration and remembering to start off the new year!

    Seven years ago this week, my husband, 15-month old Alivia, and I – along with Eric Melzer and a friend helping us, Carrie Rowe – drove from California to Montana in the adventure of our lives. We had absolutely no idea what lay ahead, we were driving in faith, believing the God who was leading us.

    We’re in a season of celebration these next few weeks as we remember  what God has done, and as we anticipate what He has for us going into this eighth year of ministry. This weekend was incredible! And if you missed it, watch it here.

    God gave my husband a specific word for us from Exodus 19:4, that in these last seven years, God has carried us. And he gave us seven reasons how he knows that God has carried us on eagle’s wings throughout this whole time.  His first reason was that more has been done than we could ever do. And the incredible number of people who have surrendered their lives to Christ in these seven years – 6,891 people – is proof! That’s not even to mention all the lives changed, all the marriages saved and now thriving, because as my husband said, we can’t change people, this is work only God can do.

    Last year, we learned what it meant to run with horses, and this year, we are continuing as we trust Him, take it in, and take it to the next level!

    Happy new year!



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    running to christmas


    Confession: I went for a run this morning for the first time in months. It is not easy to work out in the winter of Montana, but when I wake up early in the dark and in the freezing cold, drive to the gym and run on a treadmill, it’s worth it because I love how I feel afterward. I love knowing that I’m doing my body some good. It’s worth it. Running is worth the trouble, worth the inconvenience, worth the sweat, worth the the hurt.

    You know where I’m going with this. I couldn’t help but think about how running to Christmas is the same thing.

    Everything my husband preached this weekend was so challenging and inspiring and powerful, and so perfect for this week of running to Christmas. If you missed it, or want an extra dose of spiritual adrenaline, listen to this weekend’s message here.

    His message from 2 Kings 4 was about Elisha and the widow and her two sons and how they obeyed in faith and offered what they had, as small as it was.  It was all about giving God space, giving Him room to move in our hearts and lives. And how sometimes we’re so concerned about what we don’t have, but God starts there and asks us what we do have.

    “God wants to the mighty things He has planned, and He’ll start with what’s in your hand.”

    “He can’t bless what you don’t offer. When you stop bringing, He stops pouring.”

    Running toward a mighty move of God is scary. As my husband showed us this weekend with the cups, it’s awkward and feels weird. It can be painful, and stretch us in new and strange ways, and it can just be hard. But like my husband said, “For there to be a move of God, there has to be faith, and for there to be faith, there has to be a component of mystery, an element of risk and ‘how can this work?'”

    So, all I’m saying is, Fresh Life, it’s the final sprint to Christmas. The final sprint always hurts the most and requires the most exertion and requires us to dig down deep and push even harder. As we run with horses, as we run toward Christmas, let’s remember in it all to give God the space to work in us and through us right where we are, with whatever is in our hands.

    And it will all be worth it. The hard work of making little gifts to give to people to invite them to Fresh Life Christmas. The awkward feeling of inviting your co-worker for the hundredth time. The pain of enduring through this week due to loss or grief or suffering. It will all be worth it, as we see God move and change people’s lives and eternal destinations.

    “Take care of keeping your heart upright before God, and He will take care of how He uses you.”




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    “protected from profit and loss” #rampart


    The finale of our rampart series!  It really is so sad to say good bye to Philippians for now.  This has been an incredible time through an amazing book of the Bible, learning such life lessons through my husband. And make sure and listen to it, you can right here.

    This week was such a great reminder as we learned how “our real worth has nothing to do with our net worth” and how “joy goes deeper than what we have (or don’t have) in the bank.”

    I just love Paul’s example and his heart. Always rejoicing, always looking toward Heaven, always thinking of others. Always! I cannot say that about myself. I wish I could. But I have selfish moments often, and I want to be more like Paul, and have such a real, genuine pouring out of joy and selflessness.

    I think one of my favorite points was:

    “God doesn’t want something from you, He has something for you.”

    Paul sought the fruit that would abound to their account. He wanted their fruit and treasure in Heaven to be abundant and rich as a result of their generosity. Beautiful.  I love how my husband said (and has said before) how when we give, “whatever is done with the money we give, it’s as though we do it ourselves.” And we always say, “what we do, you do” or to put it another way, the people who stay home and man the fort, are doing the same as those who go out and fight.  When we’re planted in the house, when we give sacrificially, when we risk the ocean together, we’re doing just that – we’re doing it together. Yes, we can do things on our own, but how much better to run with horses together?

    The Philippian church a generous church, let’s follow in their steps and give generously and sacrificially!

    So much love to you all!

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    “protected from anxiety” #rampart

    I believe with all my heart that this is a message that every single person needs to hear. If you have a moment, I encourage you to listen right now, because it’s some real, life-changing, basic stuff that we all need to know as we live! Catch it here.

    I love getting to be a part of the pre-weekend message prep as my husband will tell me bits and pieces of the passage and the message and the points God gives him.  And I love having an idea of what the message is going to be and then getting to hear it in its entirety.

    We were in Philippians 4:1-9 and this passage is just incredible! Paul’s continued example of love and thinking of others while in jail just keeps blowing me away.  There was an issue between two women in the church of Philippi and my husband’s first point and one of my favorites was:

    As long as there are people, there will be people problems.

    And my husband preached so good this weekend, and his whole point was that there are always going to be problems in our relationships and in the church, because we’re people. He said how we’ve got to work it out, and choose to have the mind of Christ, AND not be surprised when there are problems. We’ve got to anticipate it and plan how we will respond in the situation when it comes.

    I seriously could write on each point because of how much God was speaking to me through my husband, but my biggest take away truth was this:

    “If you want peace, you must make peace…you must be a peacemaker in your mind.”

    We’ve got to have the mind of Christ.  Gentleness starts in our hearts and in our minds, and from there it will flow into our lives and our relationships.

    I pray that this week, we will have opportunities to put into practice these truths from God’s Word, and that God would fill you and use you in incredible ways this week! So much love to you all!