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    “big head, high horse, tight pants” #sorrynotsorry


    Such an incredibly sobering message from God’s Word this weekend through my husband. All I’m going to do is write out a few of my favorite (and most convicting) things, and then I’ll link to it, so you can just catch it yourself, because these truths will change how you approach your relationships!

    “The presence of pride is poison to a proper apology, and humility will give you the best possible shot to being heard.”

    A Chinese proverb said,

    “‘If you’re going to bow, bow low.’ and in the same way, if you’re going to apologize, apologize low. Do it with all your heart, or don’t do it at all.”

    “Along with what we say, we must analyze and have a game plan for our body language.”

    “The apology should be focused on the one who was wronged.”

    SUCH good truth and life-changing/relationship-changing principles!

    Catch it here, and have a wonderful week as you seek humility in your relationships.

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    “face the music” #sorrynotsorry


    What a weekend at fresh life!

    This series is helping us learn how to mend fences, build bridges, and to best own our mistakes, so that they don’t own us.

    Relationships are difficult. They take a lot of work, and often times, they’re more work than we’d like to put into them. But in this series, I’ve really been learning how important and vital it is to put the effort and energy into doing everything I can do to make things right in my relationships.

    Psalm 51 was where my husband preached from this weekend, and it was SO good! Psalm 51 is incredible, but the story behind it is just so tragic.  Last week we learned about how David was so quick to forgive, and this week we were learning how long it took for him to repent, but when he finally did, it was beautiful.  Only because of how gracious our God is.  My favorite point being:

    “God wants to turn your sin into a song.”

    God wants to redeem and restore and bring beauty from ashes. And He’s the Only One who can do such a thing!  David was able to put his story into a song. I love it!

    “God wanted David to face the music so that he could write new music.”

    That’s really good.

    Check the message here.

    And have a wonderful week as you let God work these truths into your heart and out of your life. So much love to you all!

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    “stick a needle in your eye” #sorrynotsorry


    It is impossible for me to fully encapsulate this weekend’s message with my meager notes, and my main reason of even posting my notes is so that you can be sure to listen to the message (or re-listen) so catch the message right here.

    I need to first declare my amazement of how hard my husband works and how God is so faithful to use what we offer Him (as weak as we might feel).  I’m convinced that there is not a thing that will keep him from preaching God’s Word. He’s been sick, but this week it turned into pneumonia which is really bad because of his asthma. His cough has been painful for him, and my prayer was that he wouldn’t cough while he preached. And I loved being able to sit there and watch God speak through my husband and use him so powerfully in the midst of the weeks we’ve had.

    On to the message, goodness gracious! There’s SO much to grab hold of but to start with,

    “When you say sorry, the acid test of sincerity is change.”

    We learned from Saul and David the art of the apology. Saul showed us what not to do, what sincerity does not look like, but David’s example is what God wants for us. It’s amazing how David continued to serve Saul and honor him and love him, no matter what Saul did to him. That’s crazy, but that’s God’s heart, because David had a heart after His.

    In an apology:

    “You can’t guarantee perfection, but you can give radical attention.”

    We won’t be able to promise that we’ll never mess up in that certain area again, but we can put our heart into it, and express our sincere sorrow and our hatred over what we’ve done and how we want to change and do better. My husband said it’s best to say it and not just show it, because then you’re enlisting help to grow through it. We need each other as we grow in the apology!

    Have a great week in His strength and grace!


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    find your spine – sorry not sorry


    I just can’t believe I get to be a part of such an incredible church. (there, I said it for the hundredth time)

    God is rocking my world and changing my life – every week, yes – but specifically through this series.

    This week, as we’re continuing to learn the art of the apology,  we focused on taking ownership of our failures.

    “if you don’t own your failures, they will own you.”

    And such a perfect way to put this:

    “apologizing properly isn’t for the faint of heart…it takes courage to apologize.”

    And one of my favorite points was : “walk in forgiveness, don’t wallow in it.”

    When we repent, God forgives and removes that sin from us because of Jesus, and like my husband said, “if God doesn’t remember our sin, we shouldn’t either.” I’m pretty hard on myself, and this is an area I really need God to work in me.  When I apologize (properly) and when I’m forgiven, to walk in that forgiveness, to walk in His love. And to keep walking and not look back in shame.

    What a good, gracious, gentle, mighty God we serve!

    Grab this message here, if you missed it, and have a wonderful week as God works these things in you, and as you serve Him with your whole heart in everything you do!

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    get your but(t) out of it #sorrynotsorry


    We began a new series this weekend at fresh life called Sorry Not Sorry, and what an amazing start!

    The creative campaign for this series is super lighthearted and fun and gimmicky, but the heart of this series is so incredibly deep and oh my goodness – it’s already hurting, but in the best way possible.

    I’ve already found that the things my husband preached, and that God is showing me, has changed my mindset towards real sincere apology, and I feel it changing my heart and my relationships already. Thank You Lord!

    One of the most convicting things to me was:

    Get your but(t) out of the excuses you’re hiding behind: You always lose when you try to excuse.

    I am the queen of adding an excuse to an apology, and it can so easily sneak in, but it’s not right.

    I’m so thankful for my husband’s creativity to think of this series and his obedience to study and preach it for all of our growth in our relationships.

    And one of the things that I learned about God was His grace and how He gives us opportunities to admit our wrong. When my husband brought up God’s heart behind Him asking the question to Adam, “Where are you?” Was because He loved Adam and Eve and was giving them the opportunity to confess what He already knew. And I love how God is so gracious that He wants to give us the chance to apologize and to truly be sorry for what we’ve done. He is a good God.

    I’m so excited for this series! If you missed this message, be sure to catch it here.