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    “a day in the life of a human torch.” #acontrolledburn


    Do you want to know what it looks like for a person to be filled with the Holy Spirit? A person whose life in on fire but not burnt up?

    Then listen this weekend’s message at fresh life. Go ahead and do it right now, and if you’d like to still read my notes afterward, you can.

    I have loved this series and I’ve already said how I believe this is going to be a pivotal series in the life of our church and our generation as we learn that being filled with the Holy Spirit is far more normal than we think.  This message in particular of what it looks like to be on fire, is huge! And it was so good!

    My favorite point was the first one:

    There is Power to Witness

    The Holy Spirit gives us the help to obey, to be bold. “There should be a craving to tell the world about Jesus!”

    “We don’t just say the Gospel, we display it with our lives because we are the hands and feet of Jesus.”

    Have an incredible week as you let the Holy Spirit lead you and use you!

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    “I believe in the Holy Ghost” #acontrolledburn

    “More than a creed, it’s something I bleed: I believe in the Holy Ghost.”


    First of all, what a powerful weekend all across the state of Montana! Billings, Bozeman, Kalispell, Missoula, and Whitefish. God is working and moving, and it’s absolutely amazing that we get to be a part of this special work!

    This weekend’s message was all about who the Holy Spirit is, and I love so much how my husband admitted his incapability of revealing who the Holy Spirit is, but how God is the only One who can, so he prayed that God would do just that, and God answered that prayer, to say the least.  For me, my eyes were even more opened to how He is involved in every step of salvation, how He is our comforter, and our helper, and our source of power.

    In the second point “He is God” my husband referenced a message he preached in our Kickstart series about the Trinity, called, “We’re Going to Need a Bigger Bucket.”  Here is a link to it, if you’d like to catch it (which you totally should!).

    “The Holy Spirit is God’s way of saying, ‘How can I help you?'”

    As much as I want to write everything I was learning, I want to focus on his last point, that the Holy Spirit is our source of power.  We’re not alone in this life; but more than that, we don’t need to operate in our own strength! In fact, we can’t operate and function and serve and give in our own strength, because our strength fails.  But to have daily access to the same Holy Spirit who created the world, who wrote the Bible, who raised Jesus Christ from the dead?! He is the “uninterruptible power supply” that enables and empowers us in this Christian life and we run toward Heaven and seek to bring as many as we can with us – that those stranded in sin might find and life and liberty in Christ!

    Listen to this message for yourself, and you will laugh (there were some crazy shenanigans this weekend!) and you will grow in your knowledge of who the Holy Spirit is!

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    “not enough fire” #acontrolledburn

    “Our lives are meant to be characterized by a controlled burn.”


    I firmly believe that this is going to be a pivotal series in the history of our church as well as for other churches. And I am so excited to learn and grow in this area, and to grow in my own dependence on the Spirit in my soul and in my daily life.

    “We’re meant to be so dependent on the Holy Spirit that it would be like our oxygen is taken away if He was taken from us.”

    The subject of the Holy Spirit can be a scary topic, and as my husband preached this weekend, we don’t want to only be guilty of the abuse of the Spirit but also of neglect, and pretending like He’s not even there. We want to “find the balance of what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit, and stay on the course and stay in the saddle.”

    “A Christian is a person in whom the Holy Spirit dwells and makes His home.”

    One of my favorite points was the last one: “The Problem isn’t the Supply, it’s the Demand” – it’s not that there isn’t enough of the Spirit to be given out, it’s our asking to be filled and used by Him that is the issue. He wants to give and do MUCH MORE!

    “We can’t do anything eternally significant or meaningful on our own. We need to be lit up by the Holy Spirit to live.”

    Catch this message “Not Enough Fire” and be sure to tune in to the series as I know it will bring so much depth and growth in your walk with Jesus! Have a great week as you allow God to work these truths into your everyday living!

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    “off the hook” #sorrynotsorry


    “There must be confession in order to repair and rebuild the bridges of our relationships that have been broken.”

    It was such an amazing message this weekend as we learned how to be the one to receive the apology and extend forgiveness.  The story in Matthew 18 that Jesus told His disciples is crazy, and like my husband said, it’s so obvious to us reading and learning this story how wrong the servant was, but sometimes it’s harder to see with the same clarity in our own lives with our own situations.

    I LOVED this:

    “Forgiveness is not a specified amount, but a constant attitude and way of life.”

    And another one of my favorite things my husband preached was when he brought up Isaiah 42:3 – “a smoking flax He will not quench…”

    My husband said that Jesus was the kind of person who would blow on the slightest little bit of fire, not stomp it out because of its worthlessness. Jesus sees the little bit of faith we have, even if it’s really really tiny, and He encourages the bright spot.  We need to be people who encourage the bright spot and not shut down the people around us.

    “Encourage the bright spot.”

    My favorite point:

    “You’re never more like God than when you forgive.”

    God continues to pour out grace and His mercy is abundant. We must give more grace, more grace, in our relationships.

    Please be sure to catch this message, and this whole series. I’m telling you, it’s life-changing principles from God’s Word that will change your heart and perspective and ultimately the relationships in your life!

    “Less math, more LOVE because love doesn’t keep a record of wrongs.”

    It’s sad to see this series go, but I’m SO excited for “A Controlled Burn” coming this weekend!

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    “too late to apologize?” #sorrynotsorry


    This series is continuing to change my life and my perspective and I’ve already seen such growth and fruit in my life from these truths we’ve been learning! Specifically in my relationship with my oldest daughter. We have had such opportunities to talk through our apologies and it’s been so rich and so good!

    This week my husband preached from Luke 15, when Jesus taught the story of the prodigal son.

    This is such a powerful text! The beautiful picture of God and His love for us overflows from this story. As well as the prodigal’s redemptive story and the tragic outcome of the older brother.

    My husband’s message pointed to the fact that it’s never too late to apologize and it’s never too late to do the right thing.

    “Sin will take you further than you wanted to go, keep you longer than you wanted to stay, and make you do what you never thought you would do.”

    I love how he pointed out that when the prodigal came to himself and realized what he had done (in the middle of the pig sty) he didn’t just say, “I should go back to my father,” but he DID it. He arose from the life he had chosen, and he started the long walk back.

    My husband mentioned how God has given us a choice. He doesn’t force us to love Him, but He loves us SO deeply.

    One of my favorite points was “there might not be a tomorrow” so we must do the right thing straight away, no delay.

    Catch the message here, and have a fantastic week!