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    “the struggle is real” hug it out



    I am a hugger.  I love how a hug is such a simple thing but can mean so much.

    So I like Habakkuk already, as his name means “one who embraces or hugs” and I love this series already!

    “Habakkuk is one who was relentlessly holding onto God even when he didn’t know what God was doing.”

    I’m in awe of how God has gifted my husband to story tell and to make God’s Word understandable.  Not that His Word isn’t understandable, but my husband explains it in a way that helps me understand so much more!  I was talking with someone after a worship experience and he said how in his fifty years, he hadn’t understood Habakkuk in this way! God is good, and my husband is amazing.

    Okay, so one of my favorite points was the fourth:

    #4:  When you’re hurting, fall back on what you know and rise up above it all:  This is so incredibly key in our walks with Christ!  We are always going to be in some place where we are going to need to utilize this truth.  To remember who God is, and how He loves us, and how He is our Rock and our Lord.  It’s so important to struggle WITH God, to have a hard time and doubt WITH Him. Not without Him, not against Him, but hug it out with God.  I love this so much!!

    “Thy will be done is the best prayer to pray.”

    And I loved how my husband wrapped it up with the legos.

    “God is a Stacker.  He is able to stack the difficult, the hard, the weird things together into something beautiful.”

    Listen to this message, and be sure to join us and bring a friend with you next week as we keep learning to Hug It Out.

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    “the shipwreck” #sixships

    jesusWe got to look at the sixth ship in this series, the last one, and while I’ve loved every single sermon, I think this one was my favorite!

    This passage in Acts 27 is just so good, and as my husband preached with such passion and conviction, God was just moving in such power through him.

    Be sure to listen to this message, but here are a few of my notes:

    “Leadership is not a title, it’s a lifestyle.”

    He talked about how Paul took the opportunity and spoke up.  He led with his life.  One of the amazing things to me about Paul was how he was a leader with his life, BUT he honored the leadership in his life.  He didn’t lead a mutiny against Julius, but Paul told him his concerns and then went with the leadership God had placed in his life.  This is so so so important!  We won’t always agree with everything our leaders do, but God has placed them in our lives for a very specific reason and purpose and we must honor those people.

    “When you’re bit building a fire, shake it off and burn brighter.”

    This is a game changing truth.  Holding on to this in ministry and in life is HUGE.  Like my husband preached, “whenever God’s people shine the light, the snakes come out.”  And we must not dwell on the snake bites and the pain and the hurt and the betrayal, we must learn to shake it off and allow those things to cause us to burn even brighter.  God is big enough and strong enough and loving enough to handle the snakes, we’ve got to learn to have thick skin and let the water flow under the bridge.  Shake that snake. and sometimes it’s a matter of shaking it off every single day!

    Praise God for this weekend, and for this Six Ships series!  I’m SO looking forward to our new Hug It Out series through the book of Habakkuk.  And I can’t wait for Rock This City and the new vision for it for this year.  God has great things for us Fresh Life, love you all!


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    “taking on water” #sixships


    “Hardships prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destinies.”

    I love being rooted in this house that God has planted us in.  This weekend was so special, and my husband’s message was so perfect in my heart and life, but as I’ve been running into people around town and hearing from different people about the worship experience, God was using this weekend’s message in an extremely powerful way in so many lives.

    Grab the message here if you haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet (and even if you already have).

    I wanted to add a little of my perspective to what my husband talked about in his third point:

    “Don’t trust what you see, remember what He said.”

    He was being really kind when he mentioned that we were talking about this, because it was actually my storm that we were talking through.  I was having a really hard time and my storm was super emotional, and I was believing every lie that was popping into my head and I was feeling worthless and useless and helpless.  Levi kindly and patiently reminded me that I needed to remember what God told me in the quiet place before this storm began.  You see, it’s way too easy to believe what’s being shouted to us in the storm, things like: God doesn’t care. Your husband doesn’t care. You’re a terrible wife and mom, and who do you think you are even trying to encourage other women, you have nothing to offer – Total Chatterbox action. Like my husband preached, in the middle is where is gets ugly and terrifying.  That’s when it’s the most important to remember what God has said and hold on tightly to it.

    I loved his fourth point:

    “In the eye of the storm, keep your eye on the Savior.”

    And when my husband said, “We have the permission to freak out in the midst of a storm whenever Jesus does. But good luck with that because…

    “The Lord sat enthroned at the Flood, and the Lord sits as King forever.” (Psalm 29:10)

    Remember in your storm, He loves you, He has a plan for you in the pain, and you can rest in Jesus, although the storm rages around you.  I pray that as you trust in Christ, He will calm you in the storm.

    We also announced Rock This City Blitzkrieg, and oh my goodness it’s exciting!


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    “abandon ship! (no turning back)” #sixships

    jesusAll I really want to say is that you just need to listen to this message. And if you already have, listen to it again. Listen to it here.

    This account of Jesus preaching is just epic.  Truths like:

    “We is stronger than me.” We need each other, we can’t do this solo.

    “If you want to catch fish, you gotta launch out.”

    For me, one of the biggest truths I grabbed hold of was this:

    “God forces us to things that frighten us so we can fully trust Him.”

    It’s scary to step out in faith.  It’s risky following Jesus into the deep, into the unknown. But we have found that it’s in this place and only in this place where we see and experience God’s power like no other place. It’s scary and wild and wonderful, because He is God, and He is in control.

    I pray that these truths would simmer in your soul this week, and that God would give us all opportunities to trust Him as we step out in faith in our daily lives.

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    “man overboard!” (flight mode) #sixships

    jonahWhat a special weekend at fresh life all across the state of Montana!  All our teams worked so hard to make these worship experiences happen.  I’m always so amazed by our team, the quality and care that each person puts into their area of serving – fresh life kids teams, guest services, worship teams, design, production crews, security – we just work so beautifully together, and we’re better together as the invitation starts right now for each of us!  We introduced a new song based on our “Pain is a Microphone” message, we got to highlight our outreach partners and see what we get to be a part of worldwide, we got to worship God together, and my husband’s powerful message on Jonah’s story was so great (listen to it here)!

    His main points this weekend were:

    1) You can run, but you can’t hide: we can’t run from God and when we do, we fight against our own best interest.

    2) Your choices impact other people: no one ever gets to sin alone; you don’t get to be an island, your choices always impact others

    “It’s easier to miss opportunities when you’re sulking.”

    3) You’re far too loved to be left alone: this was one of my favorites! I loved this point my husband extracted from this passage.  God could’ve let Jonah run, but He loved him too much to let him go.  God wanted Jonah to see what He was going to do, and He wanted Jonah to be a part of it.  I was blown away by this. God loves us so intensely!  But not only that, He pursues us and even allows pain and heartache to bring us closer to Him. He is so good.

    “God’s discipline is the proof of His love.  He’s not out to get you, He wants the best for you, and He’s determined to see the greatness inside of you come to pass.”

    4) You were never meant to build a dam:

    “Everything that ever flows to us, God intends to flow through us.”

    I’m so thankful for my church, and I’m so thankful for my husband who preaches the Word passionately and leads this church with such wisdom and vision. And now onto Skull Church York & Budapest, and I can’t believe I’m writing these words! Lord God, move in power in the UK!