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    “set the pace” ARROWS {rhythm}

    “The only way to set the pace for your home, is to set the pace for yourself.”

    blog_jennie04What a fantastic weekend at fresh life!  I love how we are one house with many rooms all over the state of Montana and online, and I’m just so thankful to get to be one of the bricks being built up within this house.

    This sermon is so important for us all.  My husband imparted such wisdom and practical, helpful tools for all of us in the seasons of life we are currently in.  Learning how to set the pace in our lives and within our homes is essential.  My husband gave five “buckets” for us to use in our lives to find the natural rhythm that will help us build our homes as we move toward legacy.

    The buckets are:

    1. Schedule

    2. Discipline

    3. Rest

    4. Vision

    5. Romance

    And if you’re in a fresh life group, you’ll get the sixth bucket.

    Every point was so helpful for me. I feel like God has been growing me in these areas, and I’m so thankful for His loving guidance in my life and for my husband’s loving leadership in my life and in our home.  He’s such a wise and courageous leader and pastor!

    Grab this message and bring your notebook and take notes, you will learn so much!

    “Let Heaven set the pace for your life.”









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    “let it fly” ARROWS {release}

     “The secret to success comes from letting go.  Arrows are meant to fly.”


    This series is insanely good. Like, if you’re not joining us in this, you’re missing out hugely! I was talking with some ladies after a worship experience this weekend, and they were saying how they’re telling all their friends about this series, telling them, “I know I always tell you that you need to seriously listen to these messages, but SERIOUSLY seriously, you’ve got to listen to these!” listen here.

    Let me just say that if you are in a family, just started a family, just got married, want to have a family someday, this series is gold. Pure gold. Some incredible wisdom and insight about the family and how we must view our parenting and our relationships.  Don’t miss out on this gold!

    This weekend was full of wisdom and truth about releasing our children as arrows in the target, keeping a light touch on who God has given us in the first place, with our hearts and minds set on Heaven.

    “The actions of an open hand will give strength to your heart.”

    I loved the emphasis on being a steward of these little arrows.  God has gifted us with these little ones, they’re not ours but His.

    My husband preached boldly on how “the children are meant to leave, but the marriage is meant to stay.”  I loved how he straight up said that child-centered parenting is wrong.  Because that’s what it is.  The point is for us to be Jesus-centered, to make Him the center of it all.  Next we honor and prefer our spouse, and then our children come after that.  The children are an absolute priority, but compared to the marriage, the husband/wife roles must come first.

    It’s hard.  It’s a balance.  Especially when these children are tiny little arrows who need incredible amounts of attention and care and sleepless nights are involved, and it’s just NOT easy.  In fact, sometimes it seems like it’s not possible that these day will ever end!  I’ve been reading this book called, What’s It Like To Be Married To Me? by Linda Dillow, and she mentions that in the baby stages when everything is overwhelming and hard, we feel like we have nothing left to give our husbands at the end of the day.  But we need to remember that he comes first, and we’ve got to pursue him and fight for our marriage, even when (and especially when) it’s the hardest.  It’s this kind of perspective that helps us in the busyness of children.

    “The greatest gift you can give your children is a rocking marriage.”

    Preach it sweet heart!!

    Fresh Life, we love you.  We’re in this thing called parenting and living towards the target together, and I’m so thankful for that!  Be sure to get signed up into a fresh life group, and enjoy the other half of the whole fresh life experience!

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    “bullseye” ARROWS {aim}

    blog_jennie00This Arrows series about the family and living towards the target is going to change our lives, change the course of our families, bring healing to hurting families, and mend broken ones.  Like my husband said this weekend, we’ve got to commit to this series, to be here, to lean in to all God has for us to learn and grow in.

    This week was incredible as my husband preached such a solid sermon on parenting towards the target, where we are aiming, what the bullseye is for us.  I loved his second point:

    “There are lots of different arrows, but only one target.”

    He brought out our daughters for this one, and made his point by showing different actual arrows and shooting them with his bow.  He has incredible aim by the way.

    I also loved the third point:

    “Arrows extend our reach.”

    Our children can go farther the we could ever go.  We can push them to greater things, as we steep them in an atmosphere of faith, asking God to move through them in power.

    Here’s the message if you missed it.

    An incredible special and powerful weekend, can’t wait for the next one!

    Here are a few shots from the weekend, also, our creative team created amazing art and stage design for this series! also, my husband is an incredibly sharp and studly shooter…
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    “that just happened” hug it out



    So. That just happened. Literally. This weekend just happened and I was floored. To reference the verse my husband pointed out, there is really no other place to be that in the House of the Lord.  A thousand days elsewhere completely pales in comparison to one day in His courts.

    Worship all across the state was incredible as we introduced a new Elevation Worship song, “The King is Among Us.”  And we sang one of my personal favorites that strikes a vulnerable chord in my soul, “To Be Like You.” I just love being in the House, worshipping together.  Again, nothing like it in this world, but is in every way preparing us for what lies ahead in eternity.

    And my favorite preacher preached the paint/wallpaper off the walls of all our campuses. And a stitched up/wrapped up thumb didn’t stop him at all.

    We learned this week from Habakkuk these extremely important truths:

    1. Ordering is easy when you know the menu by heart – the Bible is the menu to our prayer lives, and we must know what God has done in the past in order to ask Him to do it again (aka Revival!).

    2.  Your greatest need isn’t information, it’s revelation – it’s not the answers to our why’s that will help us, it’s the glimpses of God’s glory that will.

    “God’s glory will change how you view your story.”

    3.  The largest pain calls for the loudest praise – this was out of control amazing and you need to listen to the message to get this, but we’ve got to get shiggy with it.  Worship your way through it.

    “There is a melody trapped in your misery.”

    4.  Scream if you gotta scream, but don’t let go – Habakkuk goes from a sob, to a scream, to a song.  He goes from wailing and wondering to waiting and then worshipping. I love this. My husband put this so perfectly how pain and grief is real and raw and not pretty most of the time. But we’ve got to work it out, hug it out.  Do what we’ve got to do in the pain, let it out, but not let go of our God who loves us so deeply and so tenderly.

    “Seeing God’s glory didn’t change Habakkuk’s circumstances, but it changed him.”

    Take a listen to this incredible message and be sure to join us for the finale of Hug It Out next week.  Also, like our campus pastors mentioned,  be thinking and praying about who you can invite and bring to our new series, Arrows.








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    “wait for it” hug it out


    blog_jennie2Let me begin by telling you that you need to listen to this weekend’s message right here, right now.  Did you already hear it? Then you should listen to it again.

    My husband preached his heart out this weekend.  He preaches like this every weekend, like it’s the first time, and just as if it was the last time. Such passion and boldness and love and fury and fire.  God has anointed him powerfully to preach the Word, and I count myself incredibly and crazily honored to be led by him in this church, and in our home.  I will follow him as he follows Christ all my days.

    Every point resonated in my soul.  My husband even brought out some major nostalgia bringing up what it was like to watch TV as a kid – appointment TV, not on demand.  Our kids have no idea what that even is.  And I love love love how he compared that to how we can often view God.  We think we can decide when God does things, but He isn’t on demand, He moves by appointment, on His time.

    If I had to choose one point to highlight, I would choose the fifth:

    “God wants you to live in the land of WOW, not the land of WOE.”

    I loved when my husband brought up a truth that he also taught last week: how we should anticipate with excitement what God is going to do in advance.  Planning future amazement.  This weekend he put it this way:

    “What if we woke up every morning excited with expectation for what God had for us that day?  What if we started the day saying, “I believe God has plans for this day, and I want to be a part of it.  I  am amazed at what God will do.”

    What and attitude of faith!

    “A little altitude can change your attitude.”

    I know it seems impossible to wake up every morning with such exuberance and excitement.  And we won’t always feel it, but as we know God more, as we grow in grace and in love and in faith, God will change the atmosphere of our hearts, even when our feelings aren’t there at first.  That’s another way to live by faith. Trusting that God is who He says He is, and that He will do great things.  I love it!

    I’m so looking forward to this week, as I get to put into practice the things I’ve learned through this message. I’m also excited as we get ready for and pray for the Harvest Crusade with Pastor Greg Laurie next weekend.  What great things God is doing, and God will do!