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    “hostile takeover” #ManVsHimself

    jennie1-2“Whoever has no rule over his spirit is like a city broken down without walls.” Proverbs 25:28

    “Self-control is essential.  We must rule over our own spirit.”

    I believe that if we can take hold of these truths and let God change our hearts and our minds, our lives and how we live them would be radically changed.

    My husband preached his heart out once again this weekend, just like it was the first time and like it was the last time.  I love him so much, and I love getting to hear him preach the things he tells me he’s learning during the week.  I wish you all knew him the way his daughters and I do. We get the absolute privilege of seeing him live out during the week what he preaches on the weekend.  I seriously consider it a joy!

    Anyways, back to the message, listen to it if you missed it, and then listen to it again!

    My husband pulled out some incredible truths from Moses’ life of self-control (or lack thereof), and then gave us five keys to controlling ourselves:

    1.  Crack down on Repeat Offenders.

    If we don’t put the sin to death, it will put our calling to death.

    2  Resist the Rut.

    The moment we stop growing we start dying. There’s always room for growth.

    3.  Remain Present.

    Be absorbed in the moment.  Learn how to quickly get over successes and failures.

    4.  Refuse to be De-clawed.

    Stay Wild. Stay Ferocious. Rethink failure.

    5.  Learn to say “Repeat after me.”

    Give yourself something to talk about (Psalm 42:5).

    I want to re-think failure, and remember that if there’s no failure then I’m not challenging myself enough.  I want to stay wild and ferocious, and not let fear or failure keep me from walking forward in all God has for me.  I want to have a different kind of spirit like Caleb and Joshua, being more faith-filled seeing how God blesses the person who rules over their spirit and sees the potential first and then the problem.  Lord God, fill us with Your Holy Spirit to walk in these truths, taking charge of our own spirit, so that we can walk in obedience and in newness of life.

    So much love to you all!  Have fun filling Operation Christmas Child boxes!

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    “the game before the game” #ManVsHimself

    This week we learned about the importance of preparation, and oh my goodness this message was full of incredible nuggets to write down and apply to our lives.

    I love getting to study Moses and the battle within his mind, and learning how to apply these truths to my own war within.  It’s so comforting knowing that the man who was the “most humble man of God” had such a battle in his soul too.  I love that about the Bible.  How we see characters for who they really were, flaws and sins and their process too, because we can relate to that!

    “the process is the product.”

    My favorite thing in this message was just the emphasis of getting our game face on.  It’s important in the battle and entering into tough situations, but it’s also extremely important for each and every day, because we never know what kind of day we are entering into.

    The illustration my husband used of Pele getting ready for games was so good!  Preparing our minds for action:

    “Prepare your minds for action. Control yourselves.  Put your hope completely in the grace that will be given to you when Jesus Christ returns.” 1 Peter 1:13

    Great verse! You better believe that’s on a chalkboard in our house right now. Smiley face.

    This is so key for us as believers and something that we so often put aside as a secondary item in our “getting ready for the day list.”  If we were to apply this truth of getting ourselves mentally ready, our spiritual game faces on, how much more prepared would we be to face the day?  I want to walk in the Spirit and in His love, and be ready for whatever God has for me that day!

    Check this message!  Can’t wait for next week!

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    “tortured genius” #ManVsHimself

    “Before we can do great things our there, we must get things right in our mind.”

    This series is all about the war within our souls, and how to win that war as we take a close look at the life of Moses.  I believe this will be a game-changing series that will do serious damage in our fight to be the genius God has created us to be, and not to succumb to the power of the flesh in our hearts and minds.

    My husband and I were discussing this message with our nine-year-old daughter, Alivia, and I was telling her how I wish I had learned these truths and actions when I was her age.  It would’ve helped the early years of our marriage so much!

    And yet, as we learned this weekend, there is grace that covers like an umbrella.  There is our God who loves us the same on our worst day as He does on our best day.  Religion says do this and then be, a relationship with Jesus says be in Christ and then do.

    “You are chosen, loved, called, and equipped.  It’s not about your performance but about what Jesus already did.”

    What an incredibly challenging and inspiring message!  I want so much to grow in my creativity in regards to my family, and my church, and my sphere of influence (where God has place me),  I want more and more to see the things God has created me for, and do it with all my heart!

    “all of us are geniuses sometimes.” – Seth Godin

    And one of my favorite points:

    “It’s impossible to do anything great with half of your heart.”

    I want to follow Moses’ example in his passion and boldness (and my husband’s example too) and whatever I do, I want to do it with all of my heart.

    Listen to this message, take notes, listen again, and have fun in your fresh life groups!  If you aren’t in one, get in one.  And if you live out of the state of Montana, share what you learn with a friend!  Have a wonderful week letting what God has put in you, come out!


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    “paint your house red” ARROWS {opponents}

    blog_jennie02This whole series has been life-changing for our families within this fresh life house.  I have met and read letters and comments from many people who have been impacted by it from other churches around the state as well as across the country, and I love hearing these stories!  Real life change happening right before our very eyes.  I can’t believe we get to be a part of such things!

    So, like I was saying, although this whole series has been vital for all of us, I think this weekend’s message is the most important of them all.   This is what every person needs to know, every parent needs to know.  This is living towards the target. Living our lives at the edge of eternity.  This is the most important thing.

    I loved the whole flow of this message!  I love that I got to hear snippets of it this week, as my husband shared things God was showing him. And I loved hearing it all together – we must paint our house red.  We must cover our home, our family in the blood of Jesus Christ, and pray that when they are old enough to choose on their own, they will follow Jesus with all their hearts.

    I love how my husband reminded us that we are the watchmen of our homes. We must be vigilant and aware and watchful of what we let in, and who we let in, and how our children are doing.

    And what a great reminder to keep it fresh, keep painting, keep praying, keep applying, keep re-applying. Just keep painting. Keep sowing, Keep giving.

    The Proverbs 31 reference?!  “She is not afraid of snow for her household, for all her household are clothed in scarlet.”


    Let’s just keep painting!  Love you all!

    Listen here, and have a great week! Can’t wait for fresh life groups this week and the finale of this series!





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    “get on your boots” ARROWS {work}


    “Relationships take work.”

    I love this series with all my heart.  God is teaching us and growing us as parents, as wives and husbands, and just in relationships in general, and it’s beautiful.

    This weekend was powerful!  The message was such an amazing reminder to keep up the hard work in the roles God has given us.  It’s easy to think these are just super basic elements, but they’re the lifeblood of our relationships. Like my husband said, “neither parenting nor marriage is for the faint of heart.”  Relationships take diligence and consistent work and our homes need our care and constant effort.

    Here were my husband’s areas where we’ve got to get on our boots and work:

    1.  Rally

    2. Research

    3.  Coaching

    4.  Teaching

    5. Humility

    6. Perseverance:

    My favorite point was the idea of working hard to “research” those in your life.  I loved the challenge he gave us to take notes on the people you love, the people in your life.  I have notes for each of my family members, but I want to have  more  of a heart to research and learn and study these people God has blessed me with.

    These truths will change our marriages and relationships! You can listen here, and I pray as you listen, that God would open your eyes to see how you can grow in working at these specific areas.  God bless you sweetly this week!



    Fresh Life SJE-32

    Fresh Life SJE-30

    (I also love how my husband has so creatively involved his family in this series.  What a fun thing to illustrate the importance of rally in any relationship, with a ping pong rally and with Livie as our little ball girl. We saw Pastor Kevin Gerald do this in a sermon on Exchange and it was so powerful, we wanted to show our church the same thing.  And preaching while playing ping pong?! That’s impressive!)