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    “practice makes permanent” Creature of Habit

    “do you want to build a snow-ball?”



    Oh. My. Goodness.  This series.  Let me just say that God was already wrecking me as my husband was sharing bits and pieces with me during the week as he studied.  I love that this is launching us into this new year – really evaluating and checking our hearts and habits and seeing how these will affect negatively and positively who we are in the future.

    We are all creatures of habit, and habits are powerful.  I love how my husband pointed to Jesus’ life and how one of His habits was coming to the House of the Lord.  He went to the temple, as was His custom.  If Jesus knew the importance of gathering with God’s people, how much more do we need to know this and make this our habit?! So good!

    My favorite point was:

    The Scope of Your Life is Determined by the Substance of your Day. The days determine the big picture, and are paving the way to the rest of our lives.  I loved how he pointed out the power of a day.

    “If you want to have a great life, have great days!”

    It’s the daily decisions that will change the trajectory of our lives.  They don’t seem like a big deal, but they are.  Good or bad habits will indeed change our lives.

    And I’ve started my list of habits – good and bad and needs improvement – and oh my, this is tough!  But so good for my soul!

    Be sure to catch this message and see you next week!  Have a GREAT week with GREAT days!

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    “hard to get” Let It Be

    {bite like a pit bull, swing like a wrecking ball}


    I am in absolute awe of this series in my own personal walk with the Lord, and also in the life of this church body.  We are each being built up brick by brick within this beautiful grove which is fresh life church, and I have said it a thousand times and I’ll say a million times more, I just can’t believe I get to be a part of what God is doing in our midst.

    This message was just perfect, in light of both previous messages, this one was all about the nitty gritty as my husband said.

    “faith is messier than we think…faith is not a slot-machine, God is not a genie…there’s a cost to every calling, and a price to being used powerfully.”

    This message about the Syro-Phoenician woman’s faith, reminded us that faith isn’t as glamorous as it may seem, it’s hard to get, and it takes:





    And my favorite point:

    “The mountain that needs moving may be inside of you.”

    God can do the impossible, and sometimes it looks different than what we want.  The mountain we want moved may not move, but that doesn’t mean God isn’t moving any mountains.  They are the impossible things inside us like peace that passes understanding for example.

    One of the biggest aspects of life-change that have occurred in my heart as a result of this series has been my attention to my prayer life.  I love that I am more aware of the potency of my prayers, and I want to grow in this area of praying the kind of prayers that God will marvel at and say, “Amen! I was hoping you’d ask!”

    We love you fresh life, this is a hard week for our family, for this house, and we’re so thankful for you who are praying and lifting us up and for the incredible letters and notes of encouragement and love.  I’m thankful to be growing in this grove with such rich soil!


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    “the greatest miracle the world never saw” Let It Be


    This series is powerful and changing my heart in spectacular ways.  What a way to end the year, and launch into the new one.

    I’m just going to highly encourage you to listen to this message right now.  And if you already did, do it again, right here.

    It was just crazy to me how Nazareth opted out of seeing Jesus do a powerful work in their midst.  I wonder what it would have looked like for Jesus to do a miracle there, what He would’ve done!

    I want to have the kind of heart, the kind of faith that will give God the space and room to do whatever He wants to do!

    “The life you were born to live is surrounded by an atmosphere of faith.”

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    “can’t stop, won’t stop” ~ Let It Be


    Expectation Determines Experience.

    This series is all about faith.  And I LOVE that this series is leading us up to Christmas and gearing us up for the new year.  It never fails, how God so beautifully leads my husband and this team and this church in perfectly placed series and seasons.  This “Let It Be” series is perfectly placed, right where it is, in this specific time and season in the life of our church, and I’m thankful.

    This weekend’s message was a huge one.  I love studying Jesus in the gospels.  As we studied how He healed the Centurion’s servant as a result of this Gentile’s great (mega) faith, I just was so amazed getting to see Jesus.  I loved how my husband pointed out that Jesus was ready and so willing to do what the Centurion had the faith to ask for.  Beautiful!

    One of my favorite points:

    See Past The Seed: we must see the harvest that the seed will become.

    And God spoke greatly to my heart through my husband in this:

    “May our prayers be the kind of prayers that end with God saying  Amen!”

    And goodness gracious, that Charles Spurgeon quote was so powerful! Take a listen here, and take notes, and ready your heart for what God has for you! Lord, give us faith! Lord give me this kind of faith!

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    “heading toward the sunrise” #ManVsHimself


    “There is power in selfless collaboration.”

    What a fantastic weekend at Fresh Life! And this message was off the charts as we learned how vital it is to have this mind of being on a team and working together as one and how collaboration unlocks capability.

    Learning from Moses’ life – his mistakes and triumphs – has been so incredibly powerful in my own heart and life. It was really special getting to hear that story this weekend from our campus pastors how this series made such an impact on a life.  True, deep life change is happening in our midst, and if you’re a part of this wonderful team, you are a part of it!

    I love Moses’ selflessness and his example of leading a team to victory although he wouldn’t partake of it himself in his lifetime.  I loved this:

    “True maturity is caring more about others than yourself.”

    and this point:

    “We must cultivate a greater passion for the mission than our position.”

    This is what it means to be part of the Body of Christ.  Cooperation.  Synergy. Collaboration.  Unity.  And this is so key for us to have this mind of

    TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More

    I want to be more like Moses, thinking of the whole, not just my part.  And I’m so thankful for this team, this fresh life team.  We’re one part of the worldwide Body of Christ, but I’m thankful for this House, this place to call Home.  I can’t believe I get to be on this incredible team with such stellar people across the state of Montana who fully live out this beautiful collaboration and heartfelt cooperation.

    It was special to get to visit Bozeman and see the team God is building there.  God is doing great things, and as we work together, we each get to be a part of something far bigger than ourselves!  Thank You Lord!

    We love you Fresh Life, and we’re excited for the next series, Let It Be!


    I LOVED this illustration!  It made so much sense as he shoved the car pieces down the ramp, and they kind of made it down.  However, each piece was able to do MORE as they came together with one purpose to become a car, and travel down the ramp as one.  Such a difference selfless collaboration makes!