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    “a sword pierced soul” #goldfromGolgotha


    This weekend was a blast in the fresh life house all across the state of Montana!  It was a particularly fun time getting to join my husband on the stage.  It was an absolute honor to get to tag-team preach with my husband, and the preparation was fun too!  Don’t get me wrong, I did feel like I was back in junior high, and I was the kid who got paired up with the genius who really knew what they were talking about and doing, and I got credit for their work.  Yes, we did it together, but he did the heavy lifting.

    I didn’t technically take notes this weekend, because I had my notes printed out in front of me, but goodness gracious, I loved getting to study these words from Jesus on the cross. Getting to study Jesus, Mary, and John was really special. Such POWERFUL truths we extracted from these heroes!

    One of my favorite points was:

    “Excellence is a way of life”

    As we learned from Mary, and Jesus, how excellence should be a way of life for us especially as believers.  Doing everything we do with excellence and with all our hearts in honor of and in worship of our Savior.  We have to view every little thing we do as worship, as doing it for our King.  Who knows what God might use it for?  Like Mary sewing that tunic for Jesus, and how it impacted the Kingdom!  I’m letting that continue to sink in right now…

    “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” Colossians 3:17

    Catch the message here, if you missed it, and enjoy this week!!

    FreshLife-SB-2469 FreshLife-SB-2502 FreshLife-SB-2457 FreshLife-SB-2427 FreshLife-SB-2412


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    “last call” (opening day) #goldfromGolgotha


    This series is SO powerful as we have been studying Jesus’ last words from the cross.  If you haven’t been able to listen to these messages, go take a listen right now, I’m telling you, His words will change your life!

    I loved so much how my husband highlighted the truths about Heaven – it’s always a good thing to be reminded to look up.

    “Heaven is certain.

    Heaven is near.

    Heaven is being with Jesus.”

    I also loved how he pointed to the thief on the cross who admitted that Jesus was Lord and how he could’ve come to that conclusion by what he read on the cross, “Jesus, the King of the Jews.” And by what he heard from the crowd, “You saved others, save Yourself!” And by what he heard from Jesus’ own mouth, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

    And we learned from this thief that, “there are no hopeless cases.” In fact:

    “the more desperate the case,

    the more space for God’s grace.”

    And the thing I want to be more aware of in my life, and apply more is the second point, “the only way to get rid of sin, is to take ownership of it.”  I want to be quick to admit and confess sin to God, but also to others, because that’s where healing comes from. Working and praying through it with the people in my life.

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    “dead man’s handle” #GoldFromGolgotha



    “The Gospel makes it possible to love the unlovable.”

    There is nothing like studying Jesus’ words. There’s nothing like studying His last words that came at such great cost. There’s nothing like studying the Gospel message, and I’m so thankful for my husband’s powerful gift to passionately and simply preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    “Grace should characterize our lives.”

    I’m so thankful for this series, and for this message, and for the power of the cross.

    Bringing this message home for me personally, I want to let “this grace flow wherever I go.”  I want to bounce back with grace, and just as I have experienced such amazing grace, to extend it out lavishly on others, especially to those to whom it’s the most difficult.

    Because “focusing on others is key to suffering triumphantly.”  I loved when my husband pointed out when Jesus prayed for them, we could say, He was praying to keep them from getting judged and wiped out by the legions of angels who were ready to take out the people who were killing their King.  It was as if Jesus was praying, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing to themselves.”  Powerful.

    It truly is amazing grace!  Lord, keep me humbly in Your grace.



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    “fire your autopilot” Creature of Habit



    “the scary thing is your brain doesn’t know the difference between good and bad habits.”


    “bad habits hold you back, and stunt your growth.”

    This message was all about how to get rid of the bad habits we so desperately want to eradicate from our lives.  Our habits can’t go away until we introduce a new habit to take it’s place, and this message was perfect!

    As my husband taught about the habit loop, I felt like the dots were clearly connecting in my mind of what this problem is that we all struggle with, and how we can easily identify the root.

    “It takes a habit to break a habit.”

    I loved how he brought up Romans 12:21, “Do not be over come by evil, but overcome evil with good.” And the parallel to jiu jitsu, using the bad habit against itself.

    And I loved when he said, “baby steps still create movement.” I feel like that’s what I do most of the time.  It’s the tiny little steps that feel so insignificant, but that lead to the outcome we desire and that God wants for us.

    IMG_2110 IMG_2123

    This series tho. This series has been life-altering for me and I know for so many of us.  I believe these truths we have learned will be things that will change the course of our lives.  As we start with little steps, the outcome will be huge, as we pursue who God created us to be and the me we were born to be.

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    “slow-slicing success” Creature of Habit





    “An excellent spirit doesn’t happen on accident.”

    What a fun weekend!!  I hope this series is challenging you and inspiring you in your habits as it has been for me.

    I loved so much how my husband pointed to Daniel’s example of his habit to pray three times a day and how this seemingly little daily habit, turned into a huge thing.

    And he also pointed to Jesus’ habit to get alone and pray, which, if Jesus made it His habit, how much more do we need it?!

    His fantastic points:

    1.  Public victory comes from private discipline

    2.  Not all habits are created equal

    3.  When you control what you can, you don’t have to worry about what you can’t

    And happy birthday fresh life!  What an absolute joy to be on this journey with this amazing body of believers, as we are being built up brick by brick.  I am in awe of the staff and team and people that we get to do life with.  Jesus is certainly building His church, and I can’t believe I get to have a front row seat to His power and faithfulness!