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    #EyesofaLion Melbourne FL

    Twenty three months ago we were in Melbourne, Florida with the o2 experience, and it was such a joy to get to bring the message of hope found in Jesus again to this city at Calvary Melbourne!

    What a fantastic finale to this special tour!  I am really so in awe of the opportunity to be a part of this.  God is moving so beautifully in so many lives, and we as a family, as a team, as a church get to be a part of it!

    And goodness gracious.  What a dream, what a team – home and away – what a life!

    Some sweet shots from this night:

    IMG_8932 IMG_6729 IMG_6864 IMG_6769IMG_6814 IMG_6886 IMG_6989 IMG_6903IMG_6966IMG_7071 IMG_7080 IMG_8918 IMG_7135IMG_7192IMG_7130 IMG_6641 IMG_6638 IMG_6602IMG_8838


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    #EyesofaLion Ft. Lauderdale

    We love this city, and the last time we were here, we had the privilege of bringing the o2 experience.  We have met so many people during this leg of the trip that were there with us for o2, and it was really special getting to meet them and hear what God is doing in their lives.

    We’re thankful for Church by the Glades with Pastor David and Lisa Hughes for hosting us!

    Some epic shots from this beautiful event:


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    #EyesofaLion Miami

    This was a special night getting to be back in Miami.  We love Miami (or as Daisy says, “Your-ami” and “Our-ami”) and we love the people, the churches, and the culture.  Everyone hugs and I felt like I was with my people!

    Here are some shots from the night:

    IMG_5255 IMG_5652 IMG_5666 IMG_5122 IMG_5153 IMG_5186 IMG_5330IMG_5345IMG_5680 IMG_5682 IMG_5792 IMG_5090IMG_5083

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    #EyesofaLion Salt Lake City

    What a joy to get to bring this message of hope to Salt Lake City!  My husband has never preached before in this city, and it was incredible.  It was special getting to see who God brought, because we didn’t know what to expect coming to a city we have never been!

    Until next time Salt Lake!

    IMG_0741 IMG_0179 IMG_0305 IMG_0293 IMG_0467 IMG_0396 IMG_0370 IMG_0245 IMG_0592 IMG_0520 IMG_0525 IMG_0754 IMG_0224IMG_0827-2 IMG_0157 IMG_0875 IMG_0885 IMG_0908

    what a Savior. what a dream. what a team. what a life!