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    one of my most favorite weekends of the year!

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    It’s been a few weeks, but like my husband said on Easter Sunday,

    “Easter was never meant to be a once a year holiday, but an every day reality.”

    So here’s to Easter every day!! I for one, am still reeling from getting to see God move so powerfully at Skull Church Majestic and at Fresh Life Easter.  I am in awe of our great God and how He likes to use us in His plan of salvation for the world.  It’s crazy, but that’s how He rolls, using the foolish things of the world.

    Our team’s heart, soul, and work ethic blows me away.  What a dream, and what a WONDERFUL  team, we love you team!  This event was super special as we really did everything we possibly could to set the stage for the Gospel to be preached, and for the Holy Spirit to move in power, and it was beautiful to witness.

    We got to see incredible fruit right before our very eyes, but there was so much fruit that we will never see until Heaven, and I love that!  We GET to see people surrender their lives to God, but then there’s the secret, hidden gift, knowing that there is an eternal impact that we won’t ever even see on this side of eternity.

    Praise God for all the great things He has done!

    Here are some shots from that weekend:

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    skull church fall tour

    jennie_sctourthis is happening! tell your friends and family in any of these cities, and for more information, check out skull


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    this weekend in helena


    Skull Church Helena! What an incredible weekend!

    “We need hope to live with and hope to die with, and Jesus gives us just that.”


    Our exceptionally stellar team, worked day and night, forfeiting the right to sleep in order to passionately set up, and run through and operate, and tear down, and I would just like to say: GREAT JOB skeleton crew! Every single one of you worked so hard, and seeing the aisles overflow with people deciding to follow Jesus is what it’s ALL about!  We love you all!



    Because proceeds are still being used from when Lenya went to Heaven to make this year’s Skull Church Events happen, we showed her video again, and I will honestly say that as happy as it is to see her sweetness at Skull Church, it is so hard seeing her on the screen, but not doing it together with her. But…soon and very soon!

    Both nights were spectacular! Our house band opened up each night excellently, and Family Force 5 and Britt Nicole were fabulous additions to the weekend. My husband preached his heart out each night as he focused on Jesus and the gospel, as he told our story, and as he preached the message of how Jesus is our hope, our anchor.



    (Britt Nicole, by the way, is such a sweet heart, and really exudes Jesus’ love. She and her band were a perfect ending to Skull Church 2013)

    “We were made for a place, we were made for a Person. That place is Heaven, and that Person is Jesus.”

    We got to see such fruit from our prayers for this weekend, as people streamed down the aisles and filled up the front of the stage. Young and old alike coming forward, making the biggest and best decision of their lives: to follow Jesus!





    There’s nothing quite like this. Praying and preparing for months, seeing our team rock their microphones so intensely, experiencing the music and my husband’s message, and then seeing it all culminate to the most important point of people responding to God’s love and surrendering their lives to Him.

    Until next time…

    April 2014








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    this weekend in missoula

    What a powerful weekend in Missoula! I love Skull Church at the Wilma – great venue where Marilyn Manson, Weird Al, Skrillex, Jane’s Addiction are a few of the artists that have played there. It’s so huge to get to bring the Gospel to such a place where people might feel a little more comfortable coming.

    The Skull Church band opened up each night with so much energy and excitement. They really set the tone for the night and they do such a great job at it!


    My husband preached two different messages over the weekend, and really brought the truth of the gospel with such power and passion. The first night he preached the story of the prodigal son and I LOVED the point he made that a reason why the father ran to his son who was afar off, was to shield his son’s shame. What a powerful picture of God’s love for us. He wants to save us, redeem us, and shield us from shame that so often comes with our past.

    The second night my husband preached the cross. The simple gospel of what happened on skull hill, where Jesus gave His life for the sins of the whole world: SO powerful! Each night, getting to see people walk down the aisles and surrender their lives to Christ. There’s nothing like it!! The first night I recognized some kids who came forward who my girls and I had seen at the carousel next door to the Wilma that day. Lives changed!!


    The Afters and John Mark McMillan brought such spectacular shows both nights. They’re such ministry-minded, Gospel-centered bands, and it’s such a joy to partner with such talented, high-caliber people!



    Speaking of high quality people, our team is just absolutely incredible. Serving God with all their hearts and souls, with blood, sweat, and tears. We love you all!!

    The world is being impacted by the vision God has given my husband, and I’m in awe that we get to have a part in this adventure.  We saw almost 8 times as many people watching online than those there in the Wilma and among many countries across the world, more than one hundred people were watching from Manila which is so awesome. God is working salvation in the earth, and the fact that He wants to use us in this work floors me. Praise God for the things He has done, and now, up next: Helena, Montana

    Can’t wait!