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    Morning Prayers


    Good Morning Lord!

    Thank you for this new day and I thank You for this crazy season of life even though it’s not easy. Late nights, early mornings, up in the night, long days….but this is the season I’m in, what You’ve called me to, and therefore, I want to do it with ALL MY HEART and all my soul and all my strength unto my Lord and my God.

    Today Lord, would You open my eyes and my mind and my heart to Your will and Your way? Would you help me have a healthy, eternal perspective today? To get my job done, but also to focus on the most important things?  Be my strength because I can’t do anything without You.

    In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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    Daisy’s Prayer Lately


    Daisy’s prayers have been like this lately:

    “Dear Jesus, I pray that everyone will go to heaven, and all the people will come to know You, and all the new people will come to know You, and we will say hi to Lenya and Lenya will say hi to us, Amen.”