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    the o2 experience 2014


    It’s hard to believe that we’ve been seeing God move through the o2 experience for ten years now. I’m amazed at how God gave us this vision for calling out a generation to purity, and at how God has changed the course of so many lives because of my husband’s faithfulness to preach the Gospel and to declare that Jesus is the answer to the problems and pain we experience.

    I’m also amazed at how our team poured out their heart and soul to make each event happen.  As well as our fresh life team at home working double time to keep our weekend worship experiences going strong! I love my church and the people within it who are built up as living bricks in the House of God, love you all!!

    My husband explains it so well on his blog here, but I wanted to share some pictures from this year’s O2 tour:

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    o2 experience in the winter

    “Purity is the path to your greatest pleasure and power.”

    It was our first time bringing the O2 Experience to the state of Florida, and I am absolutely in awe of the things I was privileged to witness.

    I am so honored to get to be in the room while my husband is preaching, and to be praying while he sets before the people the choice between life and death, the choice to choose Jesus. To get to see hundreds of people of all ages flood the aisles and respond to God’s love and choose to receive salvation is surreal.

    To see the overflowing room where they all gather to receive their Bibles and their “what now” packets is really overwhelming.

    And then to see a room full of people raise their hands and surrender to God’s plan for sex and romance for their lives is incredible.

    Not only do I love witnessing such a harvest, but I also love getting a front row seat to our stellar team in action. There aren’t enough words to describe the intense passion and fervor with which our team serves. How they put their heart and soul into everything – with or without sleep – is such a beautiful picture of God working through the talents and gifts and willingness of a team who wants to see people stranded in sin find life and liberty in Christ, as well as a generation receiving the plan for their love lives and committing to purity so God can use them. Wow. Just wow.

    It’s only just begun, it’s only the winter. Next is celebrating ten years of O2 in the summer time.

    Thank You God for using us, and for letting us get to be a part of this.













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    #o2experience – San Jose/Boise




    O2 experience San Jose was special for me because 21 years ago, I sat in the exact same venue at a purity conference for young girls, and made the same commitment to purity as hundreds did on Saturday night. It was a special night seeing God move in a such a powerful way in peoples’ lives.

    During my husband’s second message on sex and romance, he asks me to come out on the stage and he tells my story how I made such a commitment and was able to give my key (a little symbol of my sexual purity) to my husband on our wedding night. And as I stood up there each time, I was so blown away by God’s grace, how He had brought me this man I had waited for and how we get to serve in such a special way together!


    O2 Boise, was a spectacular event! There was a real sense of expectancy and excitement in the room, and it was amazing to see an overflowing venue with hundreds making professions of faith, and the majority of the room stand up and commit to sexual purity!


    I also loved getting to interview Kylie Bisutti as she shared her story of her modeling career, and how God changed her heart towards it. It was shocking to hear of the things that models do to their bodies to feel beautiful. And I loved hearing Kylie’s heart for young girls and telling them how beautiful and precious they are in God’s eyes. What a fabulous addition to the O2 Experience!




    What an absolute honor to serve alongside this epic O2 team, knowing that we were being supported and prayed for by the home team! And it really was amazing to work with such great churches, to see different cultures of churches, and to see the life change in thousands of lives! Can’t wait for next year!

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    #o2experience – Riverside/orange county


    It has been an incredible ride. I feel like a broken record, but it’s true every time when I say that I can’t believe we get to do this! We’re in the business of working our tails off to communicate this message of the truth and of God’s love and of God’s plan for relationships and sex, and then we get to stand back and watch God do what only He can do! As we got to work with Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside and in Orange County, it was amazing to see the venues fully packed and overflowing with hundreds of people flooding the aisles to surrender their lives to Christ and thousands taking a stand for sexual purity.

    We’ve been hearing story after story of young girls explaining how they were cutting themselves and feeling like they had no meaning to their lives. They now realize God’s love for them, that He has a plan and a purpose for their lives, and that they no longer need to hurt themselves, because Jesus suffered and died in their place to bring hope and healing and life and the hope of heaven when we die.

    And it’s amazing that the o2 experience is changing these girls’ perspectives and ultimately the course of their lives!

    “The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying: ‘Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you.'”Jeremiah 31:3






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    #o2experience – seattle and portland/vancouver

    I’m just amazed, always amazed that we get to do this. Declaring the truth of the gospel, watching people surrender their lives to Jesus, and then calling out these same young people to sexual purity, and watching most of the room take a stand and make such a commitment! We kicked off the tour in Seattle and Portland/Vancouver and saw almost a thousand people take this stand for purity and 171 people making decisions to follow Christ!

    photo 2

    God has given my husband the vision and the unique gift to preach with such boldness and passion, and yet also not waver in speaking the solid truth. It’s such a beautiful thing to have been praying for young people’s eternal destinies to be changed and that they’d make decisions that could very well change the course of the their lives and then watch in wonder as God moves in power. Because only He can save people and draw people, we just get to be the ones to declare the truth and walk in obedience!

    Our O2 team is spectacular! Working hard, at times without sleep, and passionately pursuing this call on our lives! I love that no matter what our role is – loading, unloading, staying back in Montana praying, working a camera, singing, playing an instrument, folding t-shirts, praying with new believers, greeting, unloading and loading some more, etc….. – we are all equally part of this ridiculously awesome thing – running with horses!

    Tune in this week as we’re in Riverside June 11th, Orange County the 12th, and San Jose the 15th, check out for all the details!