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    “the ghost ship” #sixshipsbonustrack

    jesusYesterday was Bow Before the Battle (a day of fasting and prayer that ends with a night of worship and prayer together across the state of Montana), and it was my favorite!

    Campus pastors taught incredible truths, and then my husband came out and blew us all away with the seventh ship, the bonus track to our #sixship series. What?!?! I saw these hashtags last night:



    He taught from Matthew 14 and taught the feeding of the five thousand (where we learn that when Jesus feeds, He always fills) and he went right into Jesus walking on water.  My husband told us that these two stories were meant to be consumed together, which I had never heard! We’re supposed to link together the fact that Jesus had proved His power before the storm, so that His disciples could hold on to that through the storm.

    The points:

    1. You never know in life what’s coming around the corner: we live our lives just a breath away from eternity

    2.  You gotta keep your doggy bag full: Jesus told them to fill their baskets after He multiplied the bread and fish.  They were meant to carry their doggy bags with them on the boat so they could carry the evidence of His power through the storm. Enjoy the ride and make it to the other side.

    3.  There are things Jesus is willing and able to do, but He’s left it to you: He lets us be a part of what He’s doing (which always blows me away by the way).

    My husband ended with a quote by Spurgeon:

    “If you believe Christ a little, He will bless you a little, but if you believe Him to the hilt, He will bless you to the full. Your faith shall never outrun the manifestations of divine love. Believest thou this? Then thou shalt see it. “according to your faith be it unto you.”

    “Let it be to you according to your faith!”