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    “alive in Christ!” (roar stories)

    I’ve been in awe of the stories that have been pouring in recently.  I just wanted to highlight one such “roar story” that was super special to me:

    “Right after Christmas a childhood friend posted a link to your message on Facebook saying ‘days after my pastor’s five-year-old daughter passed away unexpectedly he gave the best message I have ever heard.’ Having two young children of my own that sentence grabbed me, so I watched it. By the end I was bawling because every word was ringing true in my life. Standing in my kitchen I gave my life to Christ. I am happy to say I have never felt more alive in Christ. I am so thankful God led me back to him through Fresh Life. Thank you Pastor Levi and Jennie. Through the story of your sweet Lenya going to heaven, and your testament of faith through it, God grabbed my attention. I am so thankful for this new life I have in Him because of it.”


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    book release day!

    aug1ac-4What an exciting day!  I’m so proud of my husband and the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the writing of this book, that has already been changing people’s lives and encouraging many hearts to run toward the roar and to let God use their pain!

    If you haven’t already, be sure to get your copy, and get one for a friend.  I’ve been so amazed how so many people have said already that they bought one for themselves and a few for friends they know are hurting and for those they haven’t even met yet.

    I’ve also loved how quite a few people have posted and mentioned that they  don’t love to read, but they couldn’t put Through the Eyes of a Lion down.  I love that so much.

    I’m praying God’s love and grace and peace overwhelms you this week!  See you at our Through the Eyes of a Lion series this weekend!

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    “hidden in plain sight”

    Through the Eyes of a Lion


    What a special weekend at fresh life as we launched our Through the Eyes of a Lion series and the anticipation of the book release on Tuesday! Catch the message here if you missed it!

    And I loved so much how our fresh life kids were learning the same things in their classes this weekend!

    FL_Weekends_Colin_8.1 (30 of 44)aug1-15IMG_5201IMG_5090FL_Weekends_Colin_8.1 (22 of 23)aug1-9

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    Through the Eyes of a Lion


    I was just telling my husband on a date night, that I’m in awe of what we get to do.  I say it all the time, and I’ll always say it, that I can’t believe we get to live this life and do the things God has called us to and asked us to be a part of.

    Of course as a whole, our story is beautiful, because God is at work and is doing what He does best: taking broken vessels and using them powerfully.  But each part doesn’t feel beautiful.  There are dark, painful moments that are intertwined with the bright and wonderful ones, and God in His wisdom and power and strength is doing what only He can do to make them all blend together, for His glory.

    With everything God has already done in our lives, and with all of the things we anticipate Him doing, I am so thankful that my husband poured his soul into the writing of his book, Through the Eyes of a Lion.  He conveys our story, his struggle, God’s power, and perspective and plan in our pain.  And it is a powerful book that I believe will help countless people who are experiencing grief and pain in the many different ways it shows up in our lives.

    I believe God will change the way people see their trials and view their pain. And He will greatly change people’s vision to see that God has a purpose for the pain, and that Heaven is near, and we have a certain amount of time to walk in His calling for our lives.

    Be sure to get your copy at and and anywhere that sells books!  I encourage you to get an extra copy to give away to a friend too – it’s a powerful tool!

    Thank you to everyone on our Street Team who has written such beautiful notes and posted about the book.  What a life we get to live, right?! Love you all!