1. first blood #BloodNThunder

    As we’re in the middle of one of our favorite traditions of the year, this weekend was FULL of anticipation and excitement as we learned to experience the beauty of honoring God with first and the best of what we have.

    “Honor God with everything you have.  Give Him the first and the best.” Proverbs 3:9

    I love how my husband taught that as much as we count it a joy to give back to God the first and the best, Jesus gave first blood so that we could even be called sons and daughters of the King.  Thank You Jesus!  Be sure to catch the message if you missed it, and also hear the incredibly exciting news of what we are giving towards in 2017!

    “Tithing unlocks God’s blessings.”


    I also just want to say how amazing our staff is.  They took these old, oil drums which were dirty and multi-colored (on a Monday), and they turned them into beautiful works of art (by Saturday)! What I love is that these were free and unwanted barrels, but we made them look incredible and worth something! #SnakeBirdAlert


  2. M O R E / E N O U G H pre-release party

    It was a celebration of our new fresh life worship record coming out!  I’m so thankful for our fresh life worship team and bands across our church who work so hard week in and week out to serve our church and lead us in singing and worship together.  Be sure to pick up your copy at our locations or soon to be available on iTunes or wherever music is available!


  3. negative space #FeatureCreep

    I’m sad to see this series go, but oh my, I am so thankful for how God used it in my life.  I have seen such an impact in my practical life – cleaning out, fall pruning my schedule and life – but also in my heart.  I’m so thankful for how aware this message has made me as I look at the cares and things that dog at my feet, as well as the sin that so easily entangles.

    Thank you sweet heart for teaching us.  We’re all stronger and better because of you and because of your faithfulness to preach the Word, in season and out of season.

    Here are some of my notes from this weekend ::

    “It’s not stupid to keep things simple.”


    The space you leave lets things breathe.

    When you cut back the excess, you see the precious.

    It’s not just about stuff, but about people.

    Subtraction is actually a form of addition.


    “people come into your life for a reason, for a season, or for a lifetime.”

    “the goal is negative space, not being around negative people.”

    My biggest questions for this week is :: What needs to be subtracted from my life?  What is he wanting to take away that I’m reluctant to let Him take?


  4. cut & run #FeatureCreep

    This nautical term was used to describe the choice that a captain could make to cut off the anchor all together if the ship and its crew were in danger.

    I loved learning from Hebrews 12 this weekend in this part two of our Feature Creep series.

    “The easiest way to accomplish nothing is to do everything.”

    The weights we carry in our lives kill our spiritual passion and dim our spiritual vision.

    I love that my husband gave us the powerful visual to go along with this powerful scripture.  I will never read this passage the same, and I’m so thankful for that.  I have never seen anyone preach from a treadmill before and that was incredible.

    “Nothing determines how you run more than who you run with.”


  5. among thorns #featurecreep

    This Feature Creep series is already helping me so much.  I love how this fall pruning has already been changing my mind and heart heading into this season.  I definitely want more simplicity, quality and beautiful life, so I’m ready for all God has for me, and for our church.

    “A crowded heart is the enemy of a fruitful life.”

    I love how this week I have been thinking through what is essential in my life, and what things may be crowded my heart.  And for next weekend, we get part two of this message that is bring stretched out for these next few weeks.

    Catch the message if you missed it, and join us next week!